Episode Synopsis:

On a trip to New York, Jess helps detective Jake Peralta with a case and meets Captain Ray Holt and Gina Linetti at his precinct, while Nick and Winston attempt to impress Charles Boyle and Cece faces off with her mother-in-law.

Jess vs NYC

From the start of the episode, we find out that Jess hasn’t had the best luck with NYC. Things always go wrong, like attempting to buy soup from a Jewish deli, which by the the way, was my favorite scene from the whole episode. Jess totally turned animalistic and I loved it! Then there was the run in with Jake Peralta. We didn’t get too much crossover in this episode, but what we did get, was actually quite good. Jess and Jake together, was actually pretty funny. Also, when Jess had to go to the police station, I loved that we got more insight into the pilot episode of the show. Did we know from the first episode, that Jess had just flown back from NYC?  I don’t believe we did, so that was cool that we found out that Jess was having a rough time in NY, and then ended up coming back home to discover that Spencer was cheating on her. Lastly, it was nice that things ended positively for Jess, when the gang ran into Coach on the street. That was a nice little touch to the episode, to bring Coach back again.

Schmidt vs highschool

It was nice to see some more backstory into Schmidt’s life, and how different his life was back then. The poor guy thought that he was coming back to be honored for his achievements later in life, but instead, the school was asking for money. I gotta say, his mom making it seem like he had a dog brother, was pretty weird. Also, wasn’t Schmidt’s mom engaged to her girlfriend last season? Her girlfriend was nowhere to be found. Hmmm. I didn’t really care for the whole competition between Schmidt’s mom and Cece, but obviously, it made sense in the end when Cece stood up for Schmidt on stage and made Schmidt’s mom proud. Good thing they’re on the same page now.

Nick and Winston vs money

I definitely think Nick and Winston were the most comical part of the episode. It’s funny that they thought it was ok to spend all their money on one meal, but they really didn’t think about the fact that they would need money to get back to their destination? Typical Nick and Winston. Even though in the beginning, it was kind of slow in terms of what they were going to do to get money, it progressed into something really hilarious. I was laughing so hard because first of all, selecting a song like “I Believe I can Fly,” by R Kelly, was the best choice ever! So old school and totally not what I thought they would play. And secondly, making the whole scene slo-mo and having Winston trip and seeing that Nick knew that he was their last chance, was so good. After the whole gear up for success, Nick of course, ended up failing, but thank god Charles’s son gave them all that money.

Now that last week is fresh in your mind, here’s a small look at the brand new episode of New Girl airing tonight at 8:30 on FOX 

  1. The episode is more low key, and mostly spent at Schmidt and Cece’s house.
  2. There’s a lot of voting and persuasion involving Reagan moving into the loft.
  3. Schmidt and Cece talk a lot about interior design.
  4. Winston discovers something that involves a porno.