Source: Comedy Central // Drunk History

Tuesday’s drunken escapades profiled some famous barroom shenanigans with some of our fave narrators.

-Narrator Amber told creator Derek Waters his drink tasted like “apple poop”

-Profiling Carrie A. Nation, narrator Amber was unimpressed with her push for prohibition

-Narrator Kyle told everyone to “Shut the f*ck up” while he told the story of Andrew Jackson (THE WORST)

-Narrator Kyle regaled the viewers with the story of the stupidest shootout ever…in which Jackson got shot. TWICE

-Narrator Crissle had the Stonewall Inn uprising. She started off by chugging her drink like a champ

-Best line of the night courtesy of Crissle: “But truly…Black people deserve to be on all this sh*t. Black people and Sacagawea”

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