Source: Coming Soon Net

Summer is nearly over and that means it is almost time for the fourth season of Gotham! To make us more excited, Fox released a new teaser for the season. Because I am way too excited for this new season, here is a teaser breakdown:

  • We see Jim is having some kind of argument with Bullock about his conflict with Penguin.
  • Bruce gets an upgrade for his suit. Instead of a ski mask and a trench coat he now wears something that looks like motorcycle wear. The mask is hardened and should give him more protection.
  • Bruce wants to make a difference to Gotham, by being a vigilante.
  • Alfred reminds him to keep his vigilante persona separate from him also being Bruce Wayne.
  • Penguin will take over the underworld of Gotham (again), and hopefully stay that way.
  • We see our first images of Scarecrow.
  • Victor Zsasz is back!
  • Selina is kicking ass by fighting with crooks.
  • Edward gets out of the ice.
  • We also see both Ivy and Tabitha in separate shots. Tabitha will probably have to deal with Barbara not being dead and who knows what Ivy will be up to.

See here the teaser in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Gotham Season 4 starts on the 21st of September on FOX.