Gotham Season 3 New Day Rising


After the last episode where Alice saved Gordon from the Mad Hatters spell, she gets arrested by Gordon and is brought to the GCPD. Gordon tries to find the Mad Hatter to cure him of his impulse. The impulse nearly makes him kill himself if he hears a clock-like sound. He turns to Barbara who tells him that The Mad Hatter wanted to hire some muscle with flair. We see who he ‘hires’ (he just hypnotised them): a group of wrestlers known as the Tweedle Brothers.

Tetch and the Tweedle Brothers break into the GCPD, kidnap Alice and take her to a makeshift amusement park. They injure and kill plenty of officers leaving a mess behind. Two wrestlers are also killed, one is captured, leaving the other two like Humpty & Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland. Gordon is forced to almost kill himself due to his impulse but is saved just in time as Barnes hits him on his head with his cane. Barnes puts Gordon under suicide watch but Bullock frees Gordon and they track down Tetch.


As Tetch and Alice come back in the amusement park, Tetch thinks it’s a good time for tea and he sets up a small tea party. He gets uninvited guests as Gordon and Bullock turn up. The Mad Hatter tries to influence Gordon with his spell again, but the lovely voice of Lee helps him fight the spell. Alice attempts to escape but is unfortunately impaled by a pipe when she falls off the balcony. So since when does Wonderland not give you a happy ending? The confusion that occurs helps the Mad Hatter escape the scene. A little while later, as Barnes is investigating the crime scene, he gets a drop of Alice’s infected blood in his eye.


Cobblepot is still running his election to become mayor. Now with the help of Nygma, who Penguin got out of Arkham last episode. Nygma learns that Butch is paying campaign officials to buy the election and buys the money back from every district official, to show Penguin that he can win without cheating. Both Butch and Penguin aren’t happy about it until Cobblepot finds out that he would’ve won anyway. Penguin forgives Nygma and even makes him the Head of Staff, much to Butch’s dismay.


Selena is still hanging out with Five (Bruce’s doppelganger), who escaped right from under Bruce and Alfred. In order to get some money, Selina decides to rob a bookie’s office. Things take a turn for the worst when she’s caught and the bad guys are about to cut her finger off. Right on time, Five shows up and fights the bad guys off. After seeing the scars he has on his torso, she quickly realizes that he isn’t the real Bruce.  But how would she know? The real Bruce could have similar scars from his fighting with Alfred. Does this mean that she has spied on Bruce so much that she’d know that Bruce wouldn’t have scars like that? Regardless Five is the real Bruce or not, he and Selena still kiss.


When Five is found by the real Bruce, he promises to not return again and just casually jumps off a high building, landing on a truck. And all that without hurting himself of course. When he is then walking through an alley he is kidnapped by the Court of Owls.

That’s it for this week! Let us know what you thought of this episode and tune in next week for a new recap! Thanks for reading!


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