Yay, hiatus is over, which means Max and Caroline can continue being broke.  The episode begins with Caroline getting a text telling her that her Grandmother Astrid (who has been Acoma for the past four years) has woken up and wants to see her.  Caroline and Max visit the old lady, only to find out that she has no clue about the Ponzi Scheme, or the fact she is now broke.  Caroline tries to tell Astrid the truth, but is coerced to throw a luncheon to introduce her back into “society”.  With the help of Max, Oleg, Earl, and Han, Caroline tries to impress her grandmother with a party.  With only one guest (who is blind, deaf, and dumb), Caroline almost pulls it off.  It isn’t until Sophie crashes the party that everything unravels.   When Astrid’s guest almost revels the truth, Max breaks some crystal as a distraction.  Caroline tries to pick up the broken crystal, only to be reprimanded by her grandmother (saying that job is for the “help”).  Both angry and humbled, Caroline confesses that they are broke and that they might be related but the “help” is her family now.  After hearing the news, Astrid dies out of shock (and disappointment).

Back at the Diner, Han, realizing that being the “help” is harder then he realized, gives everybody a raise (unlike his height).  Sophie and Oleg are overjoyed.  Now they can have more sex, and hopefully, with the fertility drugs that they can now afford, their might be another perverted Eastern European cook running around soon.

All in all, a great episode all around.  I have always loved Caroline’s character development, but this episodes showed humbled Caroline.  It was a newly found trait of hers that I (personally) liked.

This Week’s Total: $197.00