Raven, Murphy and his girlfriend are at the science lab getting all use able items together for transport. They are all going to abandon the place and will be picked up by another group soon. Raven isn’t worried about being left behind because she is to awesome to leave behind. Raven suddenly swears she hears a lot of noises and heads towards the source and asks if the other 2 can hear it? They can’t so Murphy fears a seizure and asks his GF to get the seizure kit. Raven plays it off nicely like nothing is wrong and gives them some other side work followed by a break so she can be on her own to investigate, she heads towards the rocket and “sees” Becca inside. Becca asks Raven why would she want to stay in a hole when you have a rocket and starts to have a seizure again.


My reaction hearing the news that Raven is dying. She is my favorite character. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

After a break Murphy and his girlfriend watches Raven talk to herself and seemingly losing it. Becca tells Raven her brain is failing at an alarming rate and won’t survive in a bunker. She can however help Raven space walk again and feel no pain. If she went to the bunker she would have to rely on others to keep her alive. Murphy is convinced they need to come up with a new plan as they don’t see anyone coming back for Raven or them two. Soldiers later arrive to pick them up and supplies, Raven tells Murphy she isn’t going, and she wants to space walk again as that is when she felt no pain. Murphy reluctantly lets her stay.

Octavia and Ilian are trying to keep peacefully to themselves at Ilian’s home. A visitor comes asking him to join the upcoming war but he doesn’t want to join which shocks the visitor. In what seems to be a day later, the visitor place a couple others come to visit, Octavia tells them to leave her alone, but one says he recognizes her from town and she killed a friend. The trio try to attack Octavia, who warns them against doing that but finally she is triggered and kills the three. Ilian returns just in time to see the carnage and Octavia says this is who she is and leaves.

Jaha gathers everyone together at Arcadia and tells them they need to pack up and move to the bunker in the morning. They will need everyone’s help to get there, just take what they can carry for the human race. A smaller group of people, led by Jasper, decide they just want to drink away their last 6 days instead of living in a bunker for years and wait for the radiation to over take them. Monty’s girlfriend Harper is tired of fighting and has taken to alcohol, Monty tries to convince her to fight and that after all the things she has done, this is the first time he has thought of her to be a coward for giving up. He hopes she changes her mind but says she won’t.

Towards the end of the day Jaha is by the bar and reminds them they need to pack up to leave by day break and goes on his way. Jasper basically says if anyone wants to go they can and won’t be judged, or stay since they have nothing to lose. All choose to stay, Jaha returns with soldiers to try to talk sense into them and get them to come along, he is even tempted to set a charge to get inside, Jasper says it is not a way they want to live, and Bellamy tells Jaha that with this these people have made a choice and he shouldn’t try to attack and kill them since they made a choice. Monty decides to later join the group and tells Amber he loves her and he is staying in case they change their mind.

With Clarke, Roan, and company arriving at the bunker, Clarke’s mom stops Clarke for a second. She is informed that Trikru knows of the bunker and wants to kill Roan to ensure they can stay in the bunker. Clarke goes to warn Roan as the Trikru gets ready to attack, but the Ice Nation has been on the heels and is able to kill Trikru soldiers while capturing Clarke and company. Back at the tower Roan calls for Clarke as they talk one on one. Roan realizes she didn’t know about the ambush and thanks her for trying to warn him, but her people betrayed him. She says that instead of a war he should have a talk with Trikru about staying together in the bunker. Roan agrees, saying if anyone can get enemies to meet together it is her.

Instead of a one to one meet up like planned, the chiefs of the Trikru alliance are there. After pretty weak negotiations, neither side agrees to share the bunker and they declare that it is time for war. Trikru has the bunker, but Ice Nation has it surrounded so neither side is willing to concede and in turn neither sides people have a chance to make it to the bunker as it stands.

When Clarke and Roan are leaving the temple, Clarke shuts the door after Roan leaves and turns to Gaia telling her that she knows Octavia gave her the flame and a Commander can stop this war. Gaia says yes but a night bleeder is needed, so Clarke takes a knife from Gaia and cuts her hand showing the night blood which shocks Gaia, and tells her to make Clarke a commander. Back in the capital Roan and his team are planning the attack strategy when the ascension horn sounds and they notice the flame has been lit signifying a new commander is coming to power.

All the leaders go to the ceremony and watch as Gaia and Clarke go through the ritual to make her a commander. It goes all the way up to the tech going to be put into Clarke when Roan decides to put an end to this. He says he can’t stand for this and calls in the “healer”, Clarke’s mother, and demands that she tells all the leaders how Clarke has night blood. She admits that it was done with science, and he says since anyone can now have night blood they can’t trust that anymore for a commander. Since their is no leader, but all of the clans leaders are present he calls for a conclave. Instead of hundreds of lives fall, he says that each clan will appoint one person to fight and the last person standing will lay claim for their clan to the bunker. The groups do agree to this, with Skikru doing so reluctantly but knowing if they don’t they will die. Octavia makes her way back to the capital, and states she is there for the war, and will take the spot for Skikru.