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“The Marshmallow Experiment”

We knew the fallout from Liza’s clumsy rejection of boss’s boss Charles would be significant. Although Charles seems like a gentleman and appears to simply have hurt feelings, it’s a dangerous game he tried to play with Liza. She is a subordinate’s SUBORDINATE. His attorney/friend was absolutely correct in his assertion that some things should be avoided-like the head honcho and the assistant having a forbidden romance.

This week’s episode opened with Charles avoiding Liza in a coffee shop and giving her a *very* terse cold shoulder. Liza is bothered by it and the stress of it gets to her in a staff meeting. Kelsey and Liza’s client that wrote “The Deciding Decade” received an offer from Ellen to appear on her talk show. The caveat: the “40 year-old pretending to be 26” case study had to be on the show with her. As Liza IS that case study, she gets noticeably flustered and resorts to checking her phone…resulting in a snappy comment from Charles. Post meeting, Liza offers Charles an olive branch via a pressed juice run. He declines but the tension abated and they are on chilly, but cordial, ground again.

Semi-grieving Kelsey has been unable to crack dead fiancé Thad’s laptop password. Meeting up with his twin brother Chad, Kelsey discovers she was duped by Chad at a mutual friend’s wedding. Thinking she was hooking up with Thad, she in fact, slept with his twin in a barn. Sufficiently outraged, Kelsey demands Chad lose her number and never contact her again.

At a party with a new Empirical investor, Kelsey gets the laptop open with the help of a tech genius. Nervous but supportive, Liza is astounded when Kelsey decides to slide the laptop into the pool. Secret safe for now, Liza lives to see another day as a 26 year-old Empirical assistant.

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