So Quagmire opened a cat cafe. After Peter and Joe duel Meg and Chris are caught cheating in basketball and Quagmire shows Cleveland, Joe and Peter his new cafe. Lois decides the family needs Christian Camp. Peter puts his foot down and says he will not go. It’s probably for the best.

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Brian finds Quagmire’s Cat Cafe. He declares all out war on it. Brian succeeds in getting the cafe shut down. Because of it, Brian is no longer allowed out of the house. Stewie’s brilliant idea to get him out is to is making Brian a support animal.

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Meanwhile Meg, Chris and Lois go to a Christian Camp. Meg says it sucks worse than the 1940’s comedy camp Peter made them go to. They are painting pictures of Jesus and are given contracts with God. Chris is gonna have his lawyer look it over. Lois decides they need to get out of there. They make their escape during the dinner’s saying of grace

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Because Quagmire had to shut his cafe down, all of the cats are living in his house. Not a good thing. That’s for sure. Do Brian and Quagmire finally make peace between them? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…