Yes, it’s true, Sunday Funday is back! But, sadly, it’s the last time. As we learn at the top of this episode, Sunday Funday has gone viral. Too many people are participating and the gang doesn’t want to take part in such a popular activity. But more than that, the gang is growing up. Jimmy and Gretchen are in a committed relationship, Lindsay is pregnant and Edgar is getting control of his PTSD (we hope, more on that later). Sometimes you just grow out of things, and that seems to be the case with Sunday Funday.

But before they move on for good, the gang decides to give Sunday Funday the send-off it deserves, with an epic scavenger hunt that leads them to the most exclusive speakeasy in Los Angeles.

With the scavenger hunt as the background, the gang must work through some issues that have been nagging them the past few episodes. Specifically, Gretchen and Lindsay fight about Lindsay’s behavior and her treatment of Paul, and Edgar comes to terms with his PTSD.

At the end of the episode, Lindsay tells Paul that she needs more from their marriage… Specifically she wants them to have an open relationship. A shocked Paul agrees, but it’s clear that he’s not into it.

Elsewhere, Edgar, who has spent the entire episode getting high, undertakes his own brand of immersion therapy to get control of his PTSD and it seems to work (we really hope it does!)

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