We open to the dark half of the first white lighter made, Helen, being given her medication. Well, rather she was about to be when a commotion pulls the people away.

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The ladies are doing some kind of ritual or summoning but it fizzles out at Macy. Harry is having dinner with Abigael. Thankfully it was cut short when she was laying it on thick. Someone from the institute called Harry and he orbed out right quick. When he gets there he finds dead bodies, the tattoo from an earlier episode and the lighter side of Helen. She kind of tells Harry what happened. The sisters are trying to figure out what is going wrong. Macy thinks it may be her demon powers displacing her witch powers.

Macy goes to Abigael for help in a sick sense of irony. Abigael tries to annoy Macy by mentioning that Harry just left. Macy doesn’t take the bait and shoots back. However, Macy gets Abegael to agree to help strip her of her demon powers. She finds out that Parker is still alive. Mel, Maggie, and Harry try to figure out where Dark Helen is and what she is going to do. If she is anything like Dark Harry there is a lot to worry about. As they figure stuff out they also find that Dark Harry is not dead as a Dark Lighter can’t kill a White Lighter and vise versa.

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Maggie and Harry find where Dark Helen was in the vision but she has come and gone in real life. Mel has been talking to Light Helen. She finds out about a young man that Helen had been in love with in life, Daniel. He is dead and buried by now. Harry and Maggie go to the place where he is likely buried to look for Dark Helen.

Abigael means to kill her brother to get the knife (or does she? You can never tell with Abigael.) Macy gets Abigael to give her a go at getting the dagger. Parker, however, wants Macy to give Maggie a letter from him. He won’t give her the dagger without her giving Maggie the letter. Maggie spies the lipstick on Harry’s neck. They find Daniel’s grave.

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Harry and Maggie get everyone back to the Batcave. They need to figure out what to do with Dark and Light Helen. They can’t keep living the way they were. When Dark Helen goes psychotic over the word “elders” Light Helen takes action to stop her.

What does Light Helen do? Did the ridding of demon powers work? Check out the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…