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“A Kiss is Just a Kiss”

When a woman is caught between a good looking, twenty-six year old and a handsome, well-to-do forty-something, what’s she to do? For our protagonist Liza, the stakes in the season opener of “Younger” have never been higher or more confusing.

Back at Empirical, Liza tries to balance her burgeoning feelings for her boss’s boss (and publishing company owner) Charles and navigate her “still-there-but-not-as-strong-feelings” for her on again/off again boy toy, Josh. It’s a tricky situation: Liza is still keeping her age and experience (and daughter) a secret while staunchly trying to keep her career on a forward track. Charles asking her out to “clear the air” doesn’t help matters; Josh being sweet and helpful and “all in” definitely doesn’t assist in her choice.

Liza’s friends and co-workers are just as kooky and fun as ever in season two’s opener. Kelsey-navigating her grief over her fiancé Chad’s death-attends “equine assist therapy” with friend Lauren. While telling her therapy horse Mike a deep secret, he…releases his feelings in the form of a massive amount of horse pucky. It’s moments like this which “Younger” proves its worth in levity, drama and hilarity. Kelsey is also assisted in her grief by uptight and rigid publishing boss, Diana. Turns out, Diana is a fan of double vodkas and showtunes. She reveals much more about herself when liquored up. It’s a welcome moment of candor for Diana, a character who often keeps her true feelings close to the vest.

Waiting for Liza at the bar at the Carlisle, Charles runs into his attorney/friend and his wife…who happen to be Liza’s daughter’s college roommate’s parents (did you catch that?)…whom Liza met earlier in the day. Rushing in to grab a drink and “clear the air,” she slinks out when she spots the couple. Outside, she texts Charles an excuse and heads to help Kelsey with a very drunk Diana.

At the office the next day, Liza whispers a profuse apology to Charles but he isn’t having it. He tells her “to let it go; it was just a kiss,” and I’ve never shipped a couple harder at that time I don’t think.

This season looks like it’s going to be chock full of love triangles and professional pitfalls. Stick with TGON while we suss out the happenings.