Before I begin my recap, I want to congratulate You’re the Worst for being renewed for a Season 4! I’m so happy that this little show will live on! It is episodes like this one, Twenty-Two, that make this show unique. Episodes that combine humor with unbelievable story-telling that runs the fine line between comedy and drama.

This week’s episode was essentially a retelling of last week’s episode, but from a different perspective. Whereas last week we followed Gretchen and Jimmy on their “sadness tour”, this week was told exclusively from Edgar’s perspective as he attempts to cope with his untreated PTSD. We quickly realize that, without his medication, Edgar is in the throes of paranoia. He can’t sleep, he freaks out that the paper delivery man is somehow going to attack him, he suddenly thinks there are snipers around every corner and on every overpass, and, when he is rebuffed by the Veteran’s Administration, we assume all hope is lost. In fact, it might be, as Edgar contemplates suicide on the drive home.

Edgar is considering walking into open traffic when he seems something strange, a paper boat floating down an open drain pipe. It turns out to be a prop from a group of students filming a movie, but that one small distraction is enough to interfere with his suicidal thoughts. Later, he sees that his car is being towed and begs the tow truck operator not to tow it. Somehow, the operator sees in Edger the symptoms of PTSD, and they connect. As the operator is driving Edgar home, he encourages Edgar to find happiness. At the end of the episode, we get a hint that Edgar may have had a breakthrough. I can’t help but want him to seek treatment though. Edger brings light and heart to the show. To me, despite his flaws, he is the moral center of the group. That’s why I hope that he can find peace and success.

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