Besides Curtis who are you guys? Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Season 5 of Arrow is upon us, and from the previews it looks like the show will get back to an aspect that makes this show great. Interesting depth, Oliver is an interesting character don’t get me wrong. But with his flash backs, his current political day job, and his night job as Arrow sometimes the show has to much of him. It is a great change of pace when the show adds other new characters, Black Canary, Red Arrow, even the brief visit by Constantine has brought some entertaining changes of pace. It looks like this season will be without the original Black Canary(s), John Diggle, and Speedy as full time crime fighters, so how will Oliver take care of the city on his own? He wont, he is going to train a new group of hero’s this season. I know it’s been done by this show before, but I think this show needs to have other heroes to keep the story fresh. We will see Curtis who will seemingly grow into Mr. Terrific. Evelyn Sharp who will continue to grow into the new Black Canary role, both we have seen in previous seasons, along with a new addition, whose name is Wild Dog.

With a good depth of good guy characters, the show would get very lost and stale if they did not have a group of bad characters to match up with. When it’s a laundry list of lackey’s and every day men you don’t have that sense, like we did last year, that someone could die or get hurt at any minute. The show has done a good job of bringing in some familiar actors as baddies this season.

You will see Chad Coleman formerly of The Walking Dead and the wire join as a gangster. You will see Dolph Lundgren, best known as Ivan Drago in Rocky as a bad guy. Wrestling fans will recognize Cody Rhoades, formerly of the WWE, and now TNA, as a drug dealer on the show. It’s nice to see name actors from other shows cross over from time to time to wreck havoc and I think it also helps to bring along the younger cast.

In addition to the names above, we have, well honestly I don’t know who is portraying the character below, or who exactly this is as of now. But I am for sure going to tune in to find out!


Arrow returns Wednesday October 5th to the CW! Photo Credit: Arrow/CW