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The MCU Next Big Thing: Luke Cage

Ever since we got a dose of him we been waiting for his own Netflix show. Luke Cage has been once of those “will they or won’t they?” Type of comic character. A type who is beloved by hardcore fans but always seemed to remained as a b class hero to casual fans.

Source: Marvel Comics

While a full film version seems unlikely we where showed that he’s perfect for Netflix from his supporting role in Jessica Jones. Now seems the perfect time for a hero of color and diversity to shown to both comic book fans and the everyday Netflix viewer. Luke Cage will be a gritty show much in the vein of the past Marvel/Netflix shows but now there’s a high standard to live up to. Every marvel program from Netflix has been gold in my opinion and judging everything from the cast to the show runner. Luke Cage may be the next big thing in the MCU.


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