Last week we found out that Jimmy’s dad passed away, and unfortunately for Gretchen, she had been tasked with delivering the news. In true Gretchen style, she fails, BIG TIME, and this entire follow up episode is an exercise in selfishness and avoidance.

At the beginning of the episode, as Gretchen crashes her therapist’s brunch, we learn that Gretchen hasn’t yet told Jimmy about the letter she received from his family in London. Justina, rightly horrified, advises Gretchen that she absolutely needs to tell Jimmy. Gretchen resigns to do just that, but not before a whole slew of hijinks prevent her from doing so. Eventually, Gretchen decides she’ll tell Jimmy the news in the worst way possible – by throwing him a book party and forcing all of his friends to break the news. I think Gretchen wins the award for worst of the Worst this week.

The party proceeds in terrible fashion, and eventually ends in an argument over who will “man up” and tell Jimmy the bad news. Paul actually shows some confidence takes responsibility for telling Jimmy, but he also fails. It’s not until Gretchen finds Jimmy trying to call his father on the phone to tell him the good book news that Gretchen decides to step up. After hearing Jimmy leave a voice mail for his father, Gretchen hands him the obituary. A horrified Jimmy can’t speak and stands frozen as the episode ends.

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