Preface: Post Series Depression Syndrome (PSDS) (otherwise known as a “Showhole” on those Amazon Prime commercials) can also apply to movies, books, and sagas, of sorts.

**I am not a Doctor, do not take any of my advice seriously. I barely take my advice seriously.**


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So you just finished that show/movie series/book series, and you don’t know how to go on. All you want to do is curl up in a ball and cry because that fantasy world you lived in for a while has now disappeared. You feel like life is pointless and nothing could ever make you feel better. All because of some damn fictional characters!

I’m here to help. I spent all of my college years binging TV shows and trying to get over them. I thought I’d learned how to recover. Then I saw Mockingjay Part 2 and I thought my world was ending. Here are the steps I took to recover from my haze. If you follow these steps, I can guarantee that you will recover with 1-3 weeks (I cannot guarantee this).

These are recovery plans that I have tested and approved.

Recovery Plan #1: Binge a Comedy Series

Step #1 (I did this after a certain character died at the end of Game of Thrones this season and I was inconsolable): Push this topic out of your head by binge-watching Parks and Recreation. It works. It really really works. Already seen Parks and Rec? So have I; watch it again. Don’t like Parks and Rec? What’s wrong with you? (Estimated PSTS recovery time: 1 week)


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Recovery Plan #2: Complete Immersion

Step 1: Go home, get on Tumblr and search it. Search it like there’s no tomorrow. Laugh over it, cry over it. Stay up way too late. You don’t even care; your body is numb with pain.

Step 2: I bet this TV show/movie has a soundtrack or a score. Download it. Listen to it on repeat. Listen to it until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Step 3: Go do some physical activity. But make sure you are also still listening to the music. Exercise increases your endorphins which will start to make this sad music seem happy(er).  *SCIENCE*

Step 4: Watch the actors in other things. Realize that they have other interesting projects. If their life can go on, so can yours!

Step 5: Are you still listening to the music?

Step 6: If you like to make videos or gifs, or paint or draw, etc. Do it. Put it on Tumblr.

Step 7: You’re in your car driving to work and *that* song comes on. All of a sudden you realize you’re not sad anymore. The complete immersion into the topic allowed for a healthy, cathartic release.

Recovery Plan #3: All Things Disney

Step 1: Disney will make things better. Disney has to make things better – keep telling yourself this. Find your favorite Disney movie. If you don’t have it on DVD then download it or stream it online. If you are feeling extra rich, purchase a Disney + membership. I have seen pretty much every Disney film but Aladdin remains my favorite, followed closely by Up. Yes, Up was made by Pixar but distributed by Disney so it counts.

Step 2: Listen to the soundtrack online, I would recommend Spotify but YouTube works too. Plus on YouTube, you will likely be treated to state of the art images or cut scenes from the film. Joking, they will be grainy images of Jasmine and Aladdin on the flying carpet or at best a scene from the film shot with a potato. But it doesn’t matter, you are here for the music!

Step 3: Immerse yourself in all things Aladdin. Buy a Persian carpet for your bedroom. Purchase a pet pirate. Play Genie Jackpots Megaways, a game based on the Genie from Aladdin. Buy a magic lamp, okay it’s hard to get a magic one but buy a lamp anyway, you never know!

Step 4: Never forget that no matter how bad your post series depression becomes, there will always be a Disney film to make you feel better again.

(Estimated PSDS Recovery Time: 2 weeks; 3 weeks for serious cases)


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Whatcha gonna watch next? 😉

**This is meant to be facetious. Please don’t misconstrue this fun post as me mocking real depression. It is a serious disease and I respect and empathize with anyone suffering from it. **