“This is the line for the jean’s commercial right?“ Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC​

Our episode begins with another flashback, this time to the ballroom of the hotel. We see the parents of one of the wedding party off to the sides having some kind of animated exchange. The hostess asks them if everything is OK and the couple tells her that the rumors of the sickness is spreading and they want to leave back to America before the border is closed. The father is being summoned to the dance floor to dance with his daughter, they say that this will be the last dance as they are going to leave. The father ends up having a heart attack and dying in the middle of the dance, everyone is frantic trying to figure out what to do, who to call, who is a doctor. The father ends up turning in around forty-five seconds and bites his daughter causing more panic and obviously she will turn. Elena and Hector leave the room and lock everyone inside.

Following with the hotel theme later on we see Alicia in a hotel room, she has a knife and seems to be very proficient with it as she is moving the knife around fast in her hands. We see her looking out the peek hole in the hotel room and the guess is she is counting the number of walkers that go by the door to get an idea of what is to come. Alicia makes her move and the walkers end up pinning her at the end of the hall and she jumps to the elevator shaft onto the cables for safety. Some walkers reach out towards her and fall on top of the elevator shaft and she realizes that she has to go up. Someone ends up flashing light on her at floor 8, and Alicia climbs her way up the rod and gets help from Elena to make floor 8.

When Alicia gets to the safety of the floor Elena pins her to the wall with her ax and asks where Hector is. They go back and forth inside the room trying to learn the story of each other. Elena thinks that Alicia is a member of the family she locked in the ball room, and that they captured Hector while he was looking for food. Alicia insists that she doesn’t know what she is talking about, or who Hector is, that she came with her mother and two friends and asks Elena if she has seen them?

After getting a mutual understanding Alicia realizes that Elena was the one who put the do not disturb signs up on the hotel room doors. She asks some questions to find out how with Hector’s help they did it and that Alicia is willing to help because she needs to get down stairs and help her family. The plan is that Elena is in the front and starts to get the attention of the walkers and will slip into the near bye cleared hotel room. Alexis will be getting the attention so they follow her into another open hotel room that is propped open, after the walkers come inside Alexis will go out on the balcony by the slider and Elena will come back and shut the door, she will then go back to the other balcony and throw a rope of bedding to help Alexis climb to the other hotel room.

The pair make their way downstairs, Elena looks at the ball room and how it is cleared, and cleaned. She thinks back about what happened, after continuing on the remaining members of the family have the jump on Elena and Alicia. The group does have Hector hostage after all and they want to trade Hector for the keys to the hotel. Elena doesn’t want to because she thinks that will be the ultimate end for them as they will be kicked out and have all the food taken from them. Alicia tells Elena that they need to make that trade as they have a bunch of walkers behind the door wanting to get in, so Elena throws the keys out, open and hide behind the door as the walkers go after the other group. Elena knows the inside and outside of the hotel so the three of them went in some hidden passageways to get to safety where they ended up finding Strand and Madison.

The other story line that we dealt with was finally seeing Travis and Chris, as we shouldn’t be surprised about we wish that we didn’t. Travis and Chris are looking for food and shelter, Travis tries to hotwire a car while Chris searches for food after convincing his dad he could do it. Chris heads to the local restaurant, he finds some food, walkers, and he comes across some humans. He saves one of the members of the other group and takes off running towards his father after it happens. Travis gets the car running and they depart much later we see Chris gets a chance to learn to drive.

Travis and Chris end up making camp in an open area and the guys that Chris met earlier find where they are staying. After some initial hesitation they all meet up together and talk, the other group is 3 guys from America who were down in Mexico on a vacation. They were not upset, more so impressed with Chris’s skills. They all decide to stick together into the interim, we see a very interesting power struggle between father and son, with Travis thinking they need to find an isolated place to themselves and make it their new home, while Chris says what they need is people. They end up stopping at a farm, seeing that it seems stocked with crops, water, off the path when they notice a barn. The boys go to look inside while Travis does some more investigating, inside the barn is chickens, and the boys try to grab a chicken for some protein. The farm’s owner is still there, comes into the barn but only speaks Spanish. The boys can’t speak it but Travis tries to translate the best he can, the farm owner is tired of guns pointed at him and the threat so he shoots one of the boys, Travis tries to stop anyone from retaliating and Chris ends up shooting down the home owner and tells his dad everything is OK as Travis knows that Chris is still broken.