Source: Netflix

Somehow, little Nancy Wheeler was able to escape the upside down world while no one else could (with the help of Jonathan Byers). When she was trapped in there we could see that it was very similar to the normal world and she and Jonathan could hear each other. This could mean that there was a portal in the Byers’ backyard, so Will is just stuck right around his house on the other side of the tightrope, so to speak. Nancy and Jonathan also figured out that they can attract this monster with blood. It’s seems that every time the monster wants to hunt, he opens his side of the portal. Too bad Nancy and Jonathan are currently stuck at the police station and incapable of tracking monster. Why, you ask? Because Steve Harrington got jealous of Nancy and Jonathan, so he slut-shamed Nancy and provoked Jonathan into a fight. I knew I didn’t like him and his lackeys. But I didn’t know Jonathan Byers would grow on me so much!

Onto the kiddos, after the blow up fight in the previous Chapter, only Dustin and Mike are currently united. Lucas has decided to find the gate on his own (NOT SMART, DUDE) and Eleven is off stealing all the Eggo waffles from the grocery store. Nobody is doing well…it’s obvious these guys work best together. Especially when those terrible bullies show up in the woods and put a KNIFE to Dustin’s thoat and try to make Mike jump into the quarry (Pretty sure these guys are going to grow up to be murderers). In comes Eleven, who saves Mike and Dustin and whoops on the two mouth breathers. BFFs reunited! The celebrating doesn’t last long though, the bad guys are zeroing in on them now. eek! #ProtectElevenAtAllCosts

Elsewhere, Hopper and Joyce go to meet Terry Ives, a woman who said her daughter was taken by Dr. Brenner. After talking to Terry’s sister for a while, they realize that Terry’s daughter is the little girl Earl saw at the diner (ELEVEN), and she was born with powers because of the experimentation her mom was doing with the government while she was pregnant. The lesson here is, don’t do any strange experimentation while you’re pregnant. Especially in an evil lab. This gives Joyce and Hopper hope, though. If Eleven is still alive after this long, there’s still a chance that Will could be okay, too.