Source: The MIndy Project // Hulu

On this instalment of “What The Hell Is Going On At The Mindy Project?!” I put on my Nancy Drew hat/glasses/whatever she wore, to figure out why Mindy and her new Boyfriend Jake Jagielski Ben are hanging out with Danny’s mom & her best friend who also has a lot of other friends.



Before I start blowing your mind with my insight into the plot of this scene, I want to bring your attention to the staircase in the right corner of the right picture. IT SEEMS TO BE A REAL ONE THAT LEADS UPSTAIRS NOW AND NOT JUST A DECORATIVE SPIRAL STAIRCASE. #RIPSpiralStaircase. Clearly, this means that Mindy came into a lot of money (or figured out her financial situation) and bought the upstairs apartment from Jody while she told him to GTFO. She also wrote an essay for Jezebel telling all the men of America to stop buying real estate for women they aren’t dating/any woman without consulting them. YAY she gets her dream closet back! (Also yay Leo doesn’t live in a closet anymore, I guess, whatever.)

Now that I’ve addressed the new staircase, let me tell you exactly what’s happening in this scene. Let’s treat this like a math problem and break it down into parts:

1. Annette & Dot
They are either dropping off/picking up Leo, or they’re here to make Mindy talk some sense into Danny re Sarah, or one of them has a blind date and they came to borrow another outfit from when Mindy had a stomach bug.

2. Ben
He’s obviously dating Mindy now (I decided) so it makes sense that they’re “hanging out” in the biblical sense. Or maybe he’s in that “can’t stand her” phase that all of Mindy’s love interests are in and he just came over to yell at her.

3. Mindy
Well, I mean, it’s her house so d’oy.

Now, here’s how this scene will play out:

Ben & Mindy are fooling around and lose track of time. Suddenly they hear a knock on the door and Annette & Dots muffled voices, arguing about something Dr. Oz said earlier that week. Mindy panics, she’s not ready to have Leo see his nurse at the house and be traumatized, she just bought a second apartment & can’t afford the therapy he’ll need. Ben agrees, doesn’t want word getting out in case it’s frowned upon. They decide that he should go out the fire escape and just hang out until A&D leave. He runs out and Mindy opens the door. She exchanges the usual pleasantries with the 2 ladies and puts Leo down for the night, but they won’t leave. They want to chat and Mindy can’t resist the urge to be nosy about Danny’s life so they get into deep conversation. Meanwhile, Ben is getting bored and cold on the fire escape, as he’s trying to find a way back inside, a pigeon lands WAY TOO CLOSE to him and freaks him out, causing him to do a little jump. Turns out Mindy’s building is old and that tiny shift in weight is all it takes to send Ben falling down the fire escape stairs. He lands on the street with a thud but he’s fine. The three ladies hear the commotion, Mindy is super concerned about defenestrating ANOTHER boyfriend & Annette quips something mildly offensive about Mindy’s neighbourhood, they get up to leave. Meanwhile, Ben is taking the elevator back up to Mindy’s floor, to meet Dot & Annette and proclaim his love because dating in secret is for kids. He’s psyching himself up to see them in Mindy’s apartment but the elevator door opens to reveal both of them. He’s all tongue tied and Dot tells him to get out of the way “hotstuff” so he giggles, doesn’t say anything, waits for them to leave and knocks back on Mindy’s door. She’s all “omg baby I was so worried about you ramble ramble ramble” and he leans in to kiss her, shutting her up and conveying so much love and trust in that tiny moment, they go inside, close the door and…wait…I should stop before this turns into a raunchy fanfic.

See, told you I knew exactly what was happening! What do you think this scene is about? Let us know in the comments/reblogs and check back in with us for all your Mindy updates.