Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I’m bringing y’all a game I’ve been DYING to play! (Shoutout to my grandma, who sent me the birthday money that went into buying this game.) Before I get too detailed, you should all know something; This game is NOT a sequel. It’s actually a reboot of the original game, Mirror’s Edge. I got fairly confused when I first played it, since nothing about the storyline matched the original game, and it took a bit of research to learn that it really wasn’t related to the 2008 version. It does have some similar ideals, as well as some nods to the original, but overall  it is it’s own game.

Set in the “Utopian” city of Glass, it follows the origin of Faith Connors. Having watched her family die at a young age, Faith joins the Runners. The Runners do delivery jobs for various entities, whether by gathering intel and giving it to sources, or by learning the trade secrets of major corporations and selling them to the highest bidder. After doing time in prison for botching a job given to her by her former boss, Faith rejoins her long-time friend and leader of a group of Runners, Noah. With help from him, a new Runner named Icarus, (Whose name is a callback to the original game,) and longtime best friend Nomad, Faith returns to the life of a Runner. However, when Gabriel Kruger, the most powerful man in Glass, sends his soldiers to raid their base, Faith and Icarus are left lost and alone. Discovering that Noah died in the raid, the two seek shelter with another group of Runners known as Black November. Together, they seek to retaliate against Kruger, but how far with this war go? And will they survive to see what becomes of their city?

The game uses a player’s quick reactions and hand-eye-coordination to travel from mission to mission, implemented through a red trail known as “Runner’s Echo.” While this is a quick path, it’s not always the fastest, and the Player can explore to find the quickest routes. Player focus is also helpful when fighting hand-to-hand with enemies, though it’s easier to avoid the bad guys where you can. While it’s relatively open world, it does have it’s boundaries, so be aware of how far along the city you’ve traveled. Controlling Faith, the Player uses the parkour skills they’re taught to get rooftop-to-rooftop, but one wrong step WILL send Faith plummeting to the streets below.

Despite the fact that it’s a reboot, the game has great graphics, a great storyline, amazing characters, and is overall addicting. I give it a 5 out of 5 glasses rating and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Be sure to check it out and thanks for reading!