This week did we see the final rehabilitation of Andy Diggle, or did we see another step in Andy’s slow play to break free?

Going into this weeks episode, the natural assumption would be that this episode would be very Felicity Smoak central. Felicity did have a demon she had to face this episode after taking to many pills.


“Ah! This demon is….kinda cute?” Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

This story line went as you would expect, pure blonde good girl Felicity who wants to do good, while her former self has dark hair, and a dark attitude. Talking about all the horrible things she has done, or could do in this situation. It was an internal battle Felicity had to face head on, and not directly in front of Oliver Queen, like when she flipped out while Oliver was talking to her, where she was tired of hearing her other self talk over them.

Felicity was feeling down, no pun intended at her lack of ability to walk, and it affected her mental belief that she could be apart of the team like they need her to be. She had to face herself, and her realities, the past and the present, to realize that she still has a job to do and is very capable of helping the team.

For me however, I was very excited to see the continued progression between John Diggle and his brother Andy. It’s obvious that something was keeping them apart, John seemed unwilling to trust Andy, and Andy having frustrations about it. Me personally am really excited to see how the story with Andy progresses, I think he would be an amazing member of team Arrow if he was willing to join the team. He could be someone that I feel was lost from the team after Arsenal and the original Black Canary, someone who I think can really bring it and hold their own.

Andy’s questionable past was very valuable, as a former group he associated with, Shadowspire was in town up to no good. They were making noise as to what they were after, but it was ultimately a major bait and switch, something that Andy was able to give the team heads up about. That they use the art of misdirection, just not where it is always pointed at, which turned out to be A.R.G.U.S., the home base of the suicide squad, where John, John’s wife, and Andy were held while the rest of the team investigated a dead end. Shadowspire invaded the unguarded A.R.G.U.S. via detached retina scan of a murdered agent(everyone always forgets to reset the security after a death). They tried to stonewall Amanda Waller into giving them the security codes they wanted but she refused, and told them she would not tell them if everyone was killed off in front of her and then her. Which is a good way to get shot which she did, which in a big picture was very interesting, was this CW’s way of just eliminating the Suicide Squad from the board and memory because it’s hitting the big screen?

Andy and John are in the basement and are able to get a visual of what’s going on from the monitor after turned on by Lyla, as the episode progresses we find out that it is Andy who came up with the plan to save John’s wife Lyla. Andy pretends that he has escaped and is aligning again with Shadowspire and gives up his brothers where about as someone who is crawling through the air ducts. It turned out to be the best way to make sure both get in to the room so they can turn the tables and attack Shadowspire, with Lyla jumping into action.

They dispatch of Shadowspire, but I don’t think wipe them off the playing field, I’m sure we will see this group again, and very soon. Risking his life for his sister in law was the proof John was looking for that his brother is back as his brother again, and it was John’s decision to let Andy out of his prison cell for good. The episode ends as Andy joins John, and Lyla at their home for dinner, and the first time he ever gets to meet his niece. Big steps for John and Lyla for that matter to open up their world so freely to Andy. Andy seems to be handling it well, we will find out if it is fools gold or not.