Focus: Comedies



For the last few years, we’ve been told we’re in “peak tv season.” No matter what time of the year, there’s so much to watch, on so many different platforms. Cable. Network. Streaming. Online. The options-now available year round-are endless. For the sake of time (and the reader’s eyeballs), this focused on comedies I’ve personally binged this Summer. They’ve run the gamut from traditional, multicamera shows, to single camera streaming newbies. Here’s my (ambitious) list of all the comedies* I’ve watched this summer (in no particular order):

“Catastrophe” (Amazon Prime)-Brit Sharon & American Rob meet overseas, have a one-night stand and…end up pregnant. What ensues is a raunchy, hilarious and heartfelt look at the life that they’ve been cannoned into, together.

“Another Period” (Comedy Central)-from the minds of Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome (frequent guest stars on “Drunk History,” another CC program), it follows the Bellacourt family of Newport, RI in early 20th century America. It is the weirdest, crudest, funniest take on traditional upper class programming like “Upstairs, Downstairs.” The guest star power is phenomenal and the concept works on so many different levels.

“Broad City” (Comedy Central)-a 30 minute scripted show from Ilana Glaser and Abbi Jacobson. They’re two best friends navigating the rough ‘n’ tumble world of NYC. Showcasing the actors’ improv skills, they get into unbelievable situations (I.e. using a port-a-potty and having it lifted onto the back of a truck) and rely on each other to come out relatively unscathed.

“Mozart in the Jungle” (Amazon Prime)-Gael Garcia Bernal leads a fabulous cast following a dynamic Maestro, brought in to lead an aging and undynamic NYC symphony. The language barriers (Maestro’s first language is Spanish), his humble hubris (trust me, it’s a thing) and the fantastic writing, make this dramedy well worth multiple viewings.

If you have some time, check these out. I guarantee you’ll bust a gut laughing at least5 times (probably more). Enjoy the last vestiges of summer with a comedy or 4.

Next up in the filler series…dramas!