This week, Kat Edison is presented with a brand deal with Whole Spa. She’s asked by Cleo Williams, Stafford’s newest board member, to speak about Whole Spa’s line of products. At a later lunch meeting, Kat eagerly signs a contract with the company, happy to work for a progressive-sounding company which values LGBTQ creators.

Later in the episode, however, Ryan aka “Pinstripe” reveals to Kat that a collegue of his has been researching the Whole Spa company, revealing their true ties. The expose is said to reveal the CEO’s donations towards the Family Research Council and the Council for Conservative Citizens.

During contentious moments like these, I adore conversations between Sutton and Kat.

Sutton: “So they want you to be their black bi bandaid?”

Kat: “To cover up their racist, homophobic boo boo.”

Kat meets with Richard and Cleo, when she discovers her contract is quite solid. She puts up a front filming the Insta story about the facial cleansers, and in her classic Kat snark, she throws shade at the CEO of Whole Spa for supporting hate groups. When she meets with Jacqueline and Cleo, the Scarlet editor rightly defends her staff member.

I’m so proud to witness a female boss who stands up for those who work for her. It helps to reinforce that with the right support, you can discover your own self worth. Gaining more money for a company shouldn’t come ahead of a magazine’s personal values.

Sutton did so well during her first budget meeting. But with Oliver out of the country, she mistakedly agrees to a 10% cut in the fashion department’s budget. Divas and Dives photoshoot budget cut in half to make room for allocated funds bringing people to Paris Fashion week. A furious Oliver makes Sutton return to Jacqueline requesting that they get more money to cover the Divas & Dives shoot. When the editor declines, saying the budget was already greenlit, Sutton finds new inspiration when Jacqueline asks her to try to meet his requirements a different way.

Sutton decides to take photos of Chad’s bar, to set up a set space that looks like the bar instead. She sends Jane and Kat on a flea market adventure with her to meet the fashion department’s budget. They made it under the $218 amount, and Kat and Jane even helped Sutton dumpster dive!

Sutton is going places. Diving for gross used Chad’s bar cups is proof of that. But I’m surprised any of the girls applied perfume or something after staying up all night to set up for the Divas and Dives photoshoot the next day.

Jane takes morning after pill when condom breaks (funny that you can PostMates the pill), discovers via her doctor that her BRCA gene mutation places her at such a risk. She must consider having an oophorectomy, freezing her eggs, or simply having kids now while she still can. Yikes.

See, I’m about Jane’s age and I couldn’t deal with the gravity of making such strong decisions in my mid-twenties. But then again, I wouldn’t love having cancer either. I don’t see myself having kids like Kat. Perhaps having surgery to prevent cancer wouldn’t be such a difficult decision for me…

Jane is struggling with the young mother’s story, and I can relate to the writers’ block situation due to emotional blockages, but I have to admit Jane’s character is pulling focus a bit too much for me lately. I hope that Kat and Sutton will be able to have the spotlight for a while.

Can I mention that Jacqueline in her editing role is fantastic? She’s so good at her job!

Michael B. Jordan is too handsome though, I can’t blame Jacqueline for wanting his face to appear more than once in the upcoming Scarlet issue.

The episode helped alleviate Jane’s grief and absense of her mother in her life, as she spoke with her brother over the phone about childhood memories.  This was super sweet.

Not to mention Sutton Brady is going to PARIS FASHION WEEK??? Sutton wasn’t the only one who was thrilled. I’ve been rooting for her dedication as Oliver’s assistant to be rewarded. It’s well deserved.


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