The kid from Brooklyn has been saving the world for 75 years; and Comic Con honoured the star-spangled hero in a big way this weekend.


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On Wednesday, Marvel Studios unveiled a 13-ft tall bronze statue of Cap at their SDCC booth. Because if any Comic Icon deserves a larger-than-life statue inhis honour, it’s Steve Rogers.

The statue served as the focal point of Marvel’s booth, and provided fans with the perfect photo-op. The statue itself is set to take a place of honour at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Rogers’ home borough, in October.

Smaller scale models and even a special edition tie-in comic book featuring the statue were also avaliable for those who wished to take home a piece of the celebration.


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Thursday saw an anniversary panel, which reflected on Cap’s journey: from the skinny underdog days, to a his big reveal as a double-agent for Hydra.

Fans didn’t get a clear image of writers’ plans for the character following the Hydra announcement, which devestated hardcore Marvel fans, thus the panel itself was unfortunately uneventful, but it did nothing to kill the fans’ hype and enthusiasm for Cap’s anniversary.

In fact, several fan-organized Cap-themed Cosplay Meetups happened over the course of the convention. Hundreds of fans from all walks of life, in all manner and level of Cosplay showed up and strutted their stuff as the Avenger, or as one of his buddies (or baddies).
One notably exciting Cap Meetup was hosted by the West Coast Avengers, a state-famous cosplay group famous for giving back to their community through Cosplay.


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We’re sure the “little guy from Brooklyn” we met 75 years ago would be overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for Cap that was displayed at SDCC this year.


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Happy birthday, Captain, here’s to 75 more years of kicking ass!

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