Cast members Ari Stidham (Sylvester Dodd), Katherine McPhee (Paige Dineen), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby Curtis), and Jadyn Wong (Happy Quinn) all attended the signing and panel at SDCC on Thursday, July 21st. Also present was showrunner/writer Nick Wootton, who joined the cast on stage for the panel.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Wootton says that season 3 will pick up “hours after” where season 2 left off, meaning there is no time jump like there was last season
  • Walter definetely makes it to Tahoe (where he planned to interrupt Paige’s romantic weekend with Tim and confess his feelings for her), and Katherine McPhee stated that there would be an “awkward interaction” between the two
  • The second episode of the 3rd season is one of the cast’s favorite episodes of all time, and it will take place in space!
  • Wootton teased that while there was no new love interest for Sylvester in the works (following the tragic death of his wife/Walter’s sister Megan), they were planning big things for the character. Wootton said they plan to take the character in a new direction, where he can “come more out of his shell in an interesting way… he may even delve into politics!”
  • On the note of love interests, Cabe Gallo may also get a romantic story arc
  •  Happy’s mystery spouse will be revealed within the first 5 episodes of the first season. It has not been specified whether or not the person has already been introduced, but fans are leaning more towards the idea that is a person we already know
  • Jadyn Wong’s reaction to learning of Happy’s secret marriage was “YES!” Eddie Kaye Thomas then revealed that the cast knew of the marriage plot since Christmas and even know who she’s married to
  • Much to fans’ dismay, there will not be an origin episode this season, but more background on many of the characters will be revealed over the course of the season
  • Nick Wootton promises bigger actions scenes this season
  • Katherine McPhee was the creator of Jadyn Wong’s nickname on set — “Rabbit” — because she’s always nibbling on little snacks!
  • The cast loves to sing on set in between takes