First of all, we here at The Game of Nerds want to thank you, the readers, for following the ninth season of “Bob’s Burgers” with us. Also, even with this season coming to an end, don’t worry, “Bob’s Burgers” has been renewed for a tenth season despite the recent buyout (according to some sources). With our pleasantries out of the way, let us move on to the review.

Bobs Burgers (Yes Without My Zeke 1)

Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

“Yes Without My Zeke”, “Bob’s Burgers” twenty-second episode of the ninth season, followed the Belcher siblings and friends attempt to prevent Zeke from being sent away while the parents manage a day with Randy.

Long time viewers of the series are all to familiar with the triangle that is Tina, Zeke and Jimmy Jr., this episode proved to be another roller coaster in terms of this dynamic. Once again, Zeke finds himself in a pinch through a series of events resulting in the threat of being sent to a special school for kids with discipline issues with it almost guaranteed to happen based off an earlier action. Jimmy Jr. is horrified at this news while Tina is not so secretly happy that he will no longer be around as much to interfere with the relationship between her and Jimmy Jr. Louise, being the cunning the girl we all love, offers a solution to prevent Zeke from getting another detention.

During an earlier detention, Zeke wrote out a series of bad words on the ceiling so without intervention, this would result in another detention thus Zeke would be sent away. In order to prevent this Jimmy Jr., Zeke, Tina, Gene, Louise and Arnold Evans (a new character) sneak into the school. After some time and references to “The Breakfast Club”, the group manage to accomplish their mission.

After all was said and done, there was just so much to unpack and while this wasn’t a super eventful season finale, it did deliver enough. We couldn’t help be feel that this experience should have opened Tina’s mind a little more to what she should be valuing in her life. Zeke, who had a crush on Tina in the past, has always been more friendly and likable compared to Jimmy Jr.. Jimmy Jr. has always been kinda bad to Tina opposed to Zeke who makes an effort towards their bond of friendship (like in “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”). Throughout the whole episode Jimmy Jr. was more or less not present with Tina, not acknowledging her hints or feelings but rather only cared about Zeke. Even though she knew it would effect her in a way she was against, Tina proved her character by helping the group at the end and helping Zeke stay. Jimmy Jr. showed a bit of redemption when he thanked Tina for her help at the the but we doubt this will lead to him having more consideration for her down the road (he needs to make a decision on what he wants in terms of a relationship or friendship). Overall, we hoped that this installment for the season will have a later impact on the series in time regarding Tina’s relationships/ views. Value those who appreciate you and treat you with kindness and don’t sacrifice your morals for those who don’t treat you well.

Side note, even though Randy didn’t play the biggest role in the episode, we wanted to say that he made a lovely addition and we hope to see him again. He seemed like an interesting character who can build on the world of Bob’s Burgers so hopefully this isn’t just a one time appearance. Secondly, after all these negative interaction between Tina and Jimmy Jr., we couldn’t help but wonder where is Josh. Josh was a previous love interest who showed a lot of promise. He made a cameo in the first episode of the season and this has had use questioning if he will ever return.

Bobs Burgers (Yes Without My Zeke 2)

Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

Bob and Linda welcomed back Randy to the restaurant as the kids ran around the school.  Randy wanted to film his new short film, “A Life, Well, Steved”, at the restaurant and at first it seemed like everything would workout fine but that idea was short lived. Of course Randy’s film was a little boring (some artistic people may appreciate it but the majority of people in the world would probably not) as it is mostly a single guy talking. As the day progresses, he continues to make mean spirited remarks about the restaurant. This upsets Bob greatly which causes clashing between the two. Randy states that the restaurant is a terrible place to end up, even comparing it to death, but Bob and Linda think of it as a good place to be. These contradicting views could be a simple example of how opinions are different for many individuals and what may seem terrible to one, may be a dream to another. Consequently, this was a truly good addition for the final episode as it really played up where the Belchers are at in their lives.

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