Source: Netflix // Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

We are getting close to the finale of Kimmy Schmidt, and Kimmy is getting closer than ever to having a break through. But in order to have that break through, Kimmy is going to need Andrea, her mess of a therapist played by Tina Fey, to stick around. Unfortunately, Andrea’s alcoholism is getting worse. In previous episodes, we saw Andrea party at night, then sober up during the day. However, this week Andrea is already drunk by the time Kimmy arrives for her afternoon appointment, and that means one thing – it’s time for rehab (or, as she likes to call it, a conference). So Kimmy jumps into gear, trying to help Andrea stop drinking for both altruistic and purely selfish reasons – she wants to help, but she really needs her therapist. But it may be too late to save Andrea. While Kimmy tries to keep her sober until sunset, Andrea hides vodka in her coat and is secretly drunk in no time.

Kimmy blames herself when she is unable to help Andrea, but Andrea helps her one last time – she keeps blaming herself for things that are in no way her fault. And so Kimmy can stop focusing on fixing Andrea, and focus on herself instead. In this instance, she does so by deciding to find her Mom.

Elsewhere, Titus and Mikey continue to be my favorite couple on TV and this episode they’re talking about making a big step in their relationship – moving in together! But Titus is offered a role of a lifetime….. on a cruise ship.

And Jacqueline is trying to make her lawyer, Russ, fall in love with her but he doesn’t seem to be interested.

Ok folks, just one episode left!