Okay, so a lot has been happening in Shameless. As you saw in the previous post Shameless Season – 8 – Trailer, Frank is now acting all weird (if he wasn’t already doing it earlier) and he has now living in a monastery. He is seeking forgiveness from everyone he has wronged in the past and his list goes on and on. Though, some are willing to forgive him, the rest of them think this as some another Frank Gallagher trick.

Fiona seems the only sensible person, who is trying to earn money the legit way. She is now spending all his efforts and time into renovating and selling apartments in her building.

While Lip, Debbie, Ian, and Carl keep getting into troubles in one or the other way. Someone has a drinking problem and someone wants sell everyone’s share of methamphetamine their beloved mother has left for them. Who’s into what? Find out yourself. I’m sure you will have utmost fun this new season!

[Where’s Liam? Oh, he now has his own problems.]