Episode 4 Raising Hell forces Alec to face his feelings while the team does all they can to get Clary’s memories back.

This episode opens with Clary having nightmares. Honestly if I were in Clary’s position I would be having nightmares too. Thank god Jace is there to wake her and scare away all of her scary dreams.

Ha. Jk its Simon. Great now Clary is seeing things.

Uh oh. Now of course Simon is spilling out as Jace almost walks into the room. Am I smelling a love triangle? Simon is hating on Jace, Jace constantly hates on Simon and Clary is stuck in the middle defending both of them to each other. Clary just wants to focus on getting her mom back.

The search for Magnus Bane is on. Let’s go find the sexy High Warlock of Brooklyn and ignore Simon freaking out about vampires.

Damn Jace looks good shirtless. (A+++ to Dom for working out. Thank you for this gift.) Of course it would stop Clary in her tracks. Me too honestly.

Here we go. Jace hating on Simon and Clary defending him. None of the boys are actually focusing on the problem aka finding Jocelyn which means finding Magnus Bane.

Izzy always coming in and c-blocking Jace. Him and Clary were so close and then Izzy comes in freaking out about Simon trying to leave the Institute and take Clary with him.

Boy fight. Between Simon freaking out and putting himself in danger and Jace antagonizing him, Clary is going out of her mind with boy problems.

Simon don’t pull the whole “childhood best friend card” to get Clary to come with you. Not fair.

Magnus Bane can be described many ways, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, an Immortal (300 years old but no one is supposed to know that) with exquisite tastes who enjoys the spotlight and parties. He’s the guy to go to when you have a problem and need some magic to fix it.

Things I love most about the possibility of having secret worlds within our own: Celebrities being one of the beings.

Time to suit up and get Magnus’s payment, a beautiful necklace that he had gotten for his lover, Camille. You know the evil vampire that was sucking on Simon’s neck in the last episode.

The necklace has more meaning in the book. It was originally a present to Camille from Magnus but then it was borrowed by Tessa Grey, a Shadowhunter, then was given to Will Herondale to help him in battle but Will gave it to his sister Cecily who married a Lightwood and has been in the Lightwood family ever since.

I find it funny that Valentine’s hideout is in Chernobyl. Maybe Shadowhunters are immune to radiation or they are too stupid to know that there is radiation. We see Valentine’s true personality in the way he uses his own minions to destroy other Shadowhunters.

Into the police station with Luke, we find out he hasn’t been acting as the other werewolves want him too.

Girl time with Izzy and Clary. Izzy of course spends the whole time trying to corrupt Clary into wearing her sexy clothes instead of Clary’s boring baggy ones. Of course Jace walks in for the big reveal. “Badass”? Really Jace? That’s the only thing you think of when you see Clary in that little dress? Thank you Izzy for leaving Clace alone to assess this new look that Clary has.

Magnus’s people are so cool. All of them are dressed perfectly even with their horns. I found the children running around a little odd but that is such a cool way to think about Warlocks. As Magnus talks, he begins to age himself, talking about the Dead Sea before it was called the Dead Sea and such. He is too powerful to be worried about Valentine.

He mentions Tessa. Tessa Grey is an old friend of his from the 1800s. If you would like to read about her, check out Cassandra Clare’s series The Infernal Devices.

Alec is always focused on the missions and not the parties. Plus he has all this pent up anger about Clary and Jace and the whole Valentine thing.

If you look at Simon’s room, you can tell he is a big fanboy just like all of us. With gaming posters on the walls and comic books and big books everywhere else. Everyone is worried about him, Maureen, his mom. I would be worried too if my crush went missing from days on end with his crush. Forget him. He is caught in his own little world with Clary anyway, you know staring at people’s necks, watching their pulse and licking other people’s blood off of broken glass. Just guy stuff.

Party time. Everyone is looking fabulous and gorgeous. Time to razzle Magnus for Clary’s memories. But they got a little more than they wanted. Now Clary knows that Dot is dead and Magnus wants her to go with him so he can protect her and Clary’s memories were given to a demon. Great!

And if it could get any worse, an assassin tried to go after Clary and Magnus but Alec took him down with one arrow which did not go unnoticed by Magnus.

Boy fight again. It isn’t good for parabatai to be fighting. Jace wants to help Clary and get her mother back without going by proticole. While Alec wants to do everything through the Clave and do it right.

We learn about the parabatai bond. They are bond together and are able to track people through an object. It forces them to get really close. Like really close. Now that they know where they can find Magnus they are off to a creepy old warehouse.

Valentine’s men are there killing a Warlock who had a daughter following him. Clary jumps out just in time to stop the evil Shadowhunter and save the girl as the team takes him down.

We see Magnus’s power at work as he fights another one of Valentine’s minions. They speak about Warlock marks. They are visible features on a Warlock that shows that they posses power. Most of them are horns or tails. Magnus’s are his cat-like eyes. They are so beautiful.

Alec comes in and helps Magnus take out the evil Shadowhunter. And this is when the love begins with Magnus checking out Alec again and Alec getting all flustered and begin to stutter as Magnus tries to talk to him.

Magnus is surprised by Clary’s selflessness. It truly shows that she was not raised as a Shadowhunter, for regular Shadowhunter would question whether or not to save a Warlock child.

We see Magnus’s great power in the way he is able to move the location of his lair without changing the room.

Simon is freaking out as per usual trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with him and trying to get his best friend back. (He has a beautiful picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on his wall.)

Magnus has used his mighty power to move his apartment to a new location. As much as he is trying to impress Alec, Alec isn’t too excited about his idea to redecorate. Always bribe the sister for advice on how to get the affection of her brother.

Of course Clary is done with all the flirting and wants everyone to focus on the problem at hand, her memories. Magnus is all for it. He puts the “pretty boy” in charge of getting the team together and by pretty boy he means Alec.

Clary must use her amazing artist skills to draw the pentagram on the floor to summon the Greater Demon. We see Jace drawing a rune on Clary’s shoulder as she screams in pain.

The pentagram that Clary has drawn is so beautiful and detailed. I am amazed honestly. Of course Magnus must take the time to comment on another painter Michelangelo being good in bed while looking directly at Alec. This will never not be funny.

“Now everyone link hands and sing kumbaya.” Magnus and Alec are holding hands, of course. Alec and Jace are holding hands and Jace and Clary are holding hands. A pure representations of the ships. The demon wants a memory of a loved one. Izabel and Clary give over memories of their family. Alec gives over one of Jace. It frightens him. He is scared of the truth. The truth that he is in love with Jace. He breaks the bond causing the demon to get loose and take Jace, forcing Clary to kill it and lose her memories forever.

Magnus and Izzy are trying to help Alec confront what just happened but he is unwilling to admit that he is in love with Jace.

Clace time. After saving his life, Clary finds herself being reassured by Jace that everything will work out in the end. She tries to contact Simon but we see that he is at the Hotel Dumort in search of what is wrong with him.

Clary clutches her necklace and thinks of her mom just as Jocelyn told her too and it shows her Valentine watching Jocelyn and him yelling at her to bring him the cup in exchange for her mother.

Favorite Quote:

You don’t get to talk to me Captain America. -Simon @ Jace

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