Fx’s released episode four of American Horror Story 1984, “True Killers,” last week, and let me tell you; it completely changed my view about our beloved Camp Redwood. Characters that were once protagonists, “Nurse Rita” AKA Donna Chambers, Margaret, and Montana, quickly joined the ranks of antagonists with peculiar motives and intriguing backstories. If you haven’t had the chance to watch episode three, I’m employing you to do so, because the rest of this article is littered with spoilers.


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This episode began with a flashback to Montana’s all-male aerobics class. While she was teaching her male counterparts the elegant dance of thrusting and shouting, one student was perturbed with her music choice. While this man pestered her for Cyndi Lauper tunes, the Nightstalker came upon the class. Smitten by the man with the Rambo tool belt, it was no surprise that when she found her annoying student disemboweled in the locker-room, Montana slept with the Nightstalker. It was then that she told him of the story of how Brooke got her brother murdered. The two hatched their initial plan to kill her in a twisted tail of bloodlust.


Panning back to the present, Xavier and Trevor revived Chet via epi-pen after the pongee stakes penetrated him. The trio decided to make their way to the Cadillac, previously owned by Blake the porn director.  However, they chose the gentlemanly thing to do would grab Bertie, the cook, and Margaret before shoving off. Xavier headed for the kitchen while Trevor went to Margaret’s cabin. As Xavier ran to get Bertie, Mr. Jingles came barging in. To assist Xavier, Bertie crafted Mr. Jingles a sandwich while Xavier hid under the table. In a fit of panic, Xavier made a noise alerting Mr. Jingles of his presence. Xavier was thrown into an oven while Bertie was battered. Her last living act was to free Xavier from the broiler before gesturing him to end her suffering.


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Mr. Jingles made his way to Margaret’s cabin before Trevor can; however, it was here that we learned the real story. Margaret killed all the campers and framed Mr. Jingles, even though the two appeared to be friends. After shooting Mr. Jingles thrice, he escaped only in time for Trevor to show up. Drunk with power, Margaret stabs Trevor after explaining to him her darkest secret.


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Meanwhile, Brooke found herself stuck in one of Donna’s traps. With hopes that Montana would find something to cut her down with, both Mr. Jingles and the Nightstalker appear. In the most significant battle since Freddy VS Jason, the two squared off. Both got some decent hits in; however, Mr. Jingles impaled the Nightstalker on a tree branch. As the two duked it out, Brooke escaped the hanging trap while Montana and Donna had a bit of a brawl. Donna passed out while Montana and Brooke ran to the Cadillac with their remaining companions only to find it burnt down.


Donna managed to awaken after everyone ran their separate ways only to see the body of the Nightstalker. He began floating and speaking in satanic tongues, coming back to life. Was it the power of Satan that brought him back? Or is he a ghost, like Jonas, the hitchhiker?  All I know is that the ending was powerful and left me with more questions than answers. Will the kids show up to a bloody mess or will Margaret kill them all too? In the end, we’ll have to see where this week’s episode takes us next.