So, 9-1-1 is finally back on the air after a long hiatus. And in typical 9-1-1 fashion, the show begins with an intense and miraculous rescue. Everybody lives and all is well for that moment at least. So, apparently, Michael has told the kids and Athena and we’ve didn’t get to see the reactions of the family, bummed about that. I would have liked to see that and Michael coming clean about everything but NOPE! Recap on Michael, during the winter he confessed to Bobby about why he was acting unlike himself, he has a tumor. Long story short he is now gonna have surgery. I must admit I feel a little bereft not getting to see something that the show left on a cliffhanger.

Secondly, talk about just shutting down plots. Buck gets a clean bill of health. Blood clots gone, leg fixed and brand new. And everything is all hunky-dory. WTF?! Why go through all of that, him getting hurt, suing the city, getting his job back, practically bleeding out, and just like that it is over. Then we have Chim and Maddie, their character development is just difficult to watch. It seems that way with all of the characters compared to season 1. Now, it seems that they spend less time on the development of these characters and more time on the fanciful rescues. Like the catfish going down the man’s throat like seriously. I could have done without that. Anyways, what is going on with Chim and Maddie, and now his brother has been strategically placed in between them. Typical familial dysfunction but we aren’t quite sure what to think about his relationship with his father.

Henrietta and Karen were hitting a rough spot because they couldn’t get pregnant and after some soul searching they came back together and have now decided to foster children. And she listed the 118 as references but how can that possibly go well? Insert the 3rd fantastical rescue………..I am not saying the show is getting boring but the rescues should accompany the storylines like peanut butter and jelly, or burgers and fries. Instead, it’s like having something like peanut butter and bologna, they don’t go.

Insert entirely new plot, what is the deal with Chim and his brother Albert. He doesn’t want him to meet the team, he corrects them when he says brother with half-brother. Is he a new character but for what purpose, they didn’t even allude to him existing outside of Kevin, who also became a firefighter and died. I think Chim is afraid of losing him too maybe. Their parents treat him like he’s trash. But in the end, it seems the brothers completely misunderstand each other. but after some self-reflection, it seems they may be able to at least come to understand one another and build that family that both of them crave.

May talked Michael out of the surgery for his tumor for alternative methods, whatever those are no one knows. And Michael could be dead in a year. Oh, by the way, those two become foster parents…….And we all live blissfully in the sunshine. Overall a little boring to say the least.