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This week’s case was less of a case and more of a giant metaphor the writers used to (not so subtly) depict Happy & Toby’s fears about the state of their relationship once they move in together. Team Scorpion gets a call from a very important scientist guy who guy who is testing a new Earth-like biosphere dome that could be used on Mars. The dome (and its 2 volunteer scientist inhabitants) is very close to completing the necessary test to be approved by NASA, when suddenly its reactor failed. Team Scorpion is sent to fix the reactor but told they should not speak with the 2 scientists inside because it would jeopardize the integrity of the experiment.

Well, that immediately fails. The 2 scientists (a botanist and a chemist) turn out to be ex-lovers who currently hate each other because they have been living in close quarters for so long. Oh ya, and to really nail this point on the head, the opening scene was Toby moving his many boxloads of junk into Happy’s apartment. The episode turns into an elaborate effort to prove that though they really get on each other’s nerves, the scientists genuinely do care for each other. The mission turns deadly as nitrous oxide gas seeps into the enclosed dome and Happy, Toby, Walter, and the scientists have to fight their way out.

Apparently this gas brings back lots of ~ memories ~ for Walter. Memories involving a certain Scorpion liaison in space. Yes, Walter begins to remember those ridiculous hallucinations he had during his little rocket trip, in which he poured his heart out to Paige and imagined himself making out with her. Though Walter’s love confession emerged due to severe oxygen deprivation, Paige was fully conscious.  Walter remembers Paige saying she loved him back, and is immediately furious about the fact that she withheld this information from him after he was back on the ground.

Of course, everyone makes it out OK and the scientists rekindle their love, giving Toby a chance to prove to Happy that though they may fight sometimes, they will always love each other. AWW! I can’t believe these two are actually getting married! I’ve been with them since day 1, it’s like watching your kids grow up!

And just when you think the episode is over and all the problems have been resolved, Walter appears again, visibly distraught in the aftermath of his memory.

In a shocking twist that actually did catch me completely off guard (rather than think they pulled something really great like so many other Scorpion “twists” this season),  Walter announces that he has made lots of emotional progress and promptly fires Paige. Enraged, she storms out of the garage, dragging Ralph along with her. On what should have been a happy night (Happy & Toby’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party), the team separates, all of them more than upset at Walter’s executive decision.

There’s only 2 more episodes of Scorpion this season, and both promise to be exciting and emotional! I can’t wait to see Quintis tie the knot, and perhaps Waige will reconcile as well.