Hello, and welcome back to The Resident, which will return Monday, January 14th at 8 PM on Fox.

It has been quite a while, a whole month since the last episode, and a lot happened, so let’s take a gander at our promo for the next half of the season, as well as go over what happened, in case you forgot.

Not much to go on, but looks like an addition of 2 or 3 more characters, probably to add the drama of the love between Nic and Conrad, Bell talking about his love of his job, and Conrad’s dad in the hospital. The person we don’t see is Julia.

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She was a big part of the end of Season 2’s first half, before the winter break. She was questioning QuoVadis’ manufacturing of their products, as well a Gordon lying to potential investors. She decides to call the FDA and it turns out the person who she contacts is already in the company’s pocket. She begs to just be allowed to walk away, disappear, but the last scene of the last episode, we see her crash her car off the road. While she was dealing with professional drama, her personal life was no less dramatic, with Devon and her kissing, even though he was engaged, and he even calls off the wedding, unsure of his feelings. Pretty sure I called that, but it was an obvious sub plot developing.

Nic and Conrad are doing well, though we see Jesse, Nic’s sister, out of rehab and trying to live that sober life. During a Halloween party, she ends up talking with a guy, who offers her drugs. She pockets them, but never really shown if she kept them or threw them away. The first part of the season shows Nic is trying to stay strong, but cracks are forming, but her vulnerability makes her understand her family friends are there for her as well. I think with the introduction of that scruffy head man, Conrad’s jealousy which caused their first break up will re-appear this season, but it will be coupled with Conrad’s personal issues with his father.

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Speaking of father, Conrad’s dad is hospitalized, but I think the more time Conrad spends with Marshall Winthrop, the more his forgotten past, and dreams will haunt him. His mother falling down the stairs, his father at the top. I think Conrad will unravel about 4 episodes in, his PTSD and stress with dealing with his father and the potential repressed memories will cause him to strike out, and drive Nic away. But, I think Marshall will be killed off, a murder from a past acquaintance that Conrad never saw coming betraying his father’s trust, but causing Nic to come back and save Conrad from completely breaking. But just throwing darts and making random guesses.

Dr. Bell is also dealing with some issues- mostly, just the return of Dr. Lane, and her threatening the throw him under the bus and blame him if he doesn’t bail her out. Dr. Lane Hunter was lying to the insurance companies and giving chemo to patients without cancer, and extra doses to those with cancer. She was caught at her office with incriminating evidence and knew Dr. Bell was the one to call. She is a smart one, and I am sure she will have Dr. Bell wrapped around her fingers soon enough, but I think as she tries to play him, he has learned from their first brush together, and will collect his own evidence of blackmail.

Still, my biggest concern is the lack of Irving. He has been in all but one episode so far, and he was the best man to Devon’s wedding, but I am worried he and Jessica might drift apart because they do not get nearly enough air time. He is my absolute favorite fly on the wall, trying to keep the tension light with his humor, but has been there from the beginning. He was there the night Nic and Conrad met, Devon’s first day of training. Brad’s suicide. Julian’s donuts. He is a truly awesome man, and I hope he gets more air time and development soon!!

We will be posting weekly, sorry about the delays of reviews last year, but I am excited for 2019. I hope you are too, and as always, stay shiny!