Episode 2: The Descent into Hell Isn’t Easy brings Clary to the City of Bones and Simon into the Shadowhunter World.

After the cliffhanger from last episode, Clary decides to blend her new life with her old one by bringing Simon into the Institute. After Simon getting squeamish when Jace grabs his hand in order for him to see the Institute in its full glory, Simon and Clary are split apart. Simon is immediately entranced by Izzy’s beauty as every man is. Jace enjoys messing with Simon and his lack of knowledge of the Shadow World.

We finally get to see who Luke really is. He is a Downworlder; a werewolf. He turns into a total badass while fighting the Circle Member. We learn that there are still more Shadowhunters working with Valentine to find Magnus Bane, the only warlock who could have given Jocelyn the serum that has kept her unconscious all this time.

We meet Hodge Starkweather, the Institute’s trainer and past-Circle member. The Circle mark he has on his neck is his punishment and does not let him speak of the Circle or Valentine and stops him from leaving the Institute. He tells Clary and Jace about how evil Valentine is and that Clary’s mother was in the Circle.

Jace and Clary figure out that they need the help from a Warlock to bring back Clary’s memories. Clary is set on finding Dot.

Luke finds Dot first as he is collecting Clary and Jocelyn’s things from their apartment. We do get to see a tarot card with a cup. Hmmmm.

Izzy looking gorgeous as usual as she talks to Simon about Jace. “He is the ultimate protector.” That would make me uneasy too Simon even if Jace is beautiful. Simon is such best friend goals always worried about Clary.

Speak of the devil. Jace looking sexy as he searches on his fancy computers for Jocelyn but of course Valentine has her hidden from everything.

Luke is like “Clary is fine. I can’t find her but she’s fine. I think.” I would be freaking out too if my “daughter” was missing and the last time anyone heard from her, she was having “boy problems”. “Some of us transform and hide the idiot within”. Come on, are you even trying to hide that you are a Werewolf? Now to search for Simon. He is always with Clary.

Izzy and Clary are such goals. Girl talk is always important especially when they are exchanging outfits and boy talk. Don’t worry. Clary. Jace is Izzy’s brother. Well, not just Izzy’s and Alec’s.

Alec is an adorable big brother who won’t let them do anything fun. Clary is a big girl now, Alec. She can fight and kill demons even though she has only killed one and attacked by another. Now everyone is ganging up against Alec. Thank god for Clary’s magic necklace. Now off to Pandemonium.

Magnus is abandoning ship and hiding away as Valentine hunts and kills Warlocks trying to find who helped Jocelyn. Guess who is next on the hunt? Dot. Hurry team. Find her and save her before she’s- oh.

Clary is talking like a crazy woman. And now Jace is. Yeah, let’s go see the Silent Brothers, who could kill Clary and are scary af. No thanks.


See?? Creepy, scary City of Bones. No thanks. I’d wait in the van. Good luck.

From one creepy thing to another. Valentine is just your average crazy scientist. You know having minions attacking people and injecting them with some “medicine” to get them to tell you where your long lost wife’s daughter is.

Jace is the best at pep talks. “Carve the truth from your mind.” Sounds like a great way to spend my Saturday night. Everyone should love their family members the way Clary loves her mom.

Let’s see, who do we send in with Clary? Well, count out Simon (#mundane). Count out Izzy (#creeped out), Count out Alec (#too old for this nonsense). So who else will go with Clary into a dark underground place facing scary Silent Brothers and certain death? Of course Jace, her knight in black armor. But not before a deep loving conversation with her best friend that is quickly interrupted.

Ooooo Luke is in trouble. Don’t worry Captain. It’s just a demon gang. Not to worry. It will be taken care of by the other werewolves in the city.

Now the descent into hell. Clace is ready. They are walking close together. They have their cool little witchlight (Harry Potter quote anyone?). They keep stopping to see all the cool statues. “Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies.” Me every day. But honestly I’d rather that be the Creed than what is actually inscribed.

Aw, Jace called her cute. Then he says he’s an emotionless zombie. Come on Jace. You can’t say you have no feelings and then bend really close to her face. He lost his mom too and he still isn’t helping her feelings. Just because you have no emotions doesn’t mean all Shadowhunters don’t either.

Silent Brothers are not creepy, they are adorable immortals with no eyes and their mouths sewn shut constantly surrounded by bones. So cute. (Especially Brother Zachariah wink). If Jace didn’t scare you before, then there is no way you can be scared by anything.

Simon, you are annoying Alec. Don’t speak to loud and just talk to Izzy. Obviously she wants to talk to you and probably more. Don’t let the boys scare you away from her.

Alright Silent Brothers. Let’s do this. Okay cue ominous music and creepy sword against Clary’s forehead. Cue random flashback with Jocelyn and Luke talking while Clary is “asleep”. Cue Clary hearing that her father is Valentine. Cue freak out and running away.

Of course a creepy scientist has his headquarters in one of the creepiest place on the planet. And now Dot is doing some self-defense science testing. Right before she gets killed by our favorite father Valentine.

Clary’s day keeps getting worse and worse. Jocelyn is kidnapped. Dot is killed and now Simon is kidnapped by Vampires. Mondays, am I right?

Let’s take a quick tally of the ships:
Clace (Jace and Clary)
Climon (Simon and Clary)
Sizzy (Simon and Izzy)
Jocelyn and Luke

Favorite Quote:

Izzy: Fifty bucks says that he doesn’t approve of this mission.
Alec: I don’t approve of this mission.

Article Submitted by Cassidy