S3E3 Meinertzhagen’s Haversack: Pied Piper Gets Heist-y


Source: Silicon Valley // HBO

The guys of Pied Piper attempt to take back their company but fail, and it’s the best episode of the season. Which isn’t saying much since we’re only three episodes in, but the next seven episodes have a lot to live up to. This episode gives us a caper, Erlich antics , and Dinesh jokes.

A Caper
The cold open dips the guys into the bleak Pied Piper future. They get a tour of the server farm where the P.P. box wil be, and their tour guide is a gem. He’s a less excitable version of Barney Varmn (the accounting boss that Ben perpetually rejects), and the toughest part of his tour is deciding which of the sixteen staircases is his favorite. When they get back to Pied Piper, Gilfoyle decides to quit and Richard promises he’ll fix things. As Gifoyle is annointed with gifts from recruiters, Erlich is begging Richard to let him give him advice. Which leads to Laurie calling Jack and unsucessfully telling him to drop the box and do what Richard wants. Stuck between a rock and a shitty product, and finding out that the ex-Neuclus team is on their tail, Richard and the guys decide to Ocean’s 11 it. They plan to just not work on the box and instead work on the platform. In a hopeful moment, it looks like they’re going to find their Julia Roberts, in Carla, but she just blackmails them. So there goes any hope of some gender equality in the Silicon Valley universe, but art often imitates life. So with the guys short staffed and ready to go with their caper, they go into the office. Luckily for us they still have to act as if nothing has changed (Meinertzhagen’s Haversack). Lucky because that means we still get jokes about Dinesh’s gold chain.

Turtle Neck and Chain


Source: Silicon Valley // HBO

This is where I compile the Dinesh jokes because they were on point.

Bel Biv Dinesh

Django Unchained
Cyprus Halal

“Hey Dinesh, nice chain do you choke your mother with it when you put your penis in her butthole?”

So does the heist work? Of course not. Richard trips and the sales team picks up the plans that he brought to work, because they didn’t have a shredder at their place. Oh comedy.

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