Teddy talks with Dakota telling her that she always wanted someone to love her just the way she is. He continues that they both will die above ground, but Alicia will survive and restart the world in the new world. We learn that Riley was the weapons officer on the submarine and he is able to get the emergency power running. It doesn’t take a lot of convincing by Teddy to convince Dakota to die and to fight for him. Outside the squad arrives to the area that Alicia told them about and sure enough the submarine is there. The group breaks into some groups with a group heading to a near military base to try to find some schematics on the submarine. Morgan is the first of the group that stays to enter the submarine. Grace has Morgan look at radiation levels on a Geiger counter, and while distracted a walker sneaks up on him inside. June is able to shoot the walker from above to save Morgan, while he is able to look at the counter again he relays the information to Grace who seems skeptical.

BTS, Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Charlie and Sarah found some maps at the naval base but they are not in the best condition as they try to find salvageable information. Morgan, Grace, Strand, Dwight, Sherry, June and John are all inside the sub. Grace tries to get some information from Lucie to find out how many crew members were on the boat. Shockingly it turns out that they had 150 crew members on the submarine. She also lets them know that it’s a straight shot from the other side of the room they are in to the control room, but on the other side of the door is a number of walkers. Morgan wants to go one man against all the walkers to save everyone else from having to do it but everyone tells him they are going and to not waste anymore time. Morgan does go in first and clears all the walkers in the next room before everyone else comes inside.

Teddy gets on the emergency com unit and starts talking smack, he recognizes Morgan and Mr. Dorie gets on the com to talk to Teddy. Teddy is a little shook at first, but tells them that everyone around the submarine will die. Morgan and Grace tell Luciana and all the others to leave immediately. Charlie says that she saw a basement at the naval base and they should all go there. During this confusion Morgan runs on ahead to try to get to Teddy. Strand catches up to Morgan just in time to lock themselves into the next room and he tells him it’s not on him only. In this room is a radioactive walker that Morgan is cautious of, and they can hear a lot of walkers in the other room. Strand finds another way up a ladder when the power comes on, Strand leads the pair to the bunks, but it ends up a dead end. While looking around Morgan notices that Riley was the one who attacked him and Grace and now he knows how Teddy is able to launch some missiles.

The barricade stopping the walkers down the hall breaks, Strand sees this chance to betray Morgan, he attacks him and kicks him into a bunch of walkers and leaves him for dead while also taking his weapon. Strand runs off and leaves Morgan and heads toward the control room. In the next room Dakota has Strand dead to rights at gunpoint and makes Strand slide the axe over to her. Dakota gets on the com to tell everyone what is going on, how Morgan is dead because Victor killed him. That the new world is going to be restarted but endings like them won’t see it, but Alicia is alive and she is a beginning. Dakota is about to shoot Strand when Morgan makes the save but not before Strand is shot in his arm. Morgan gets on the com and tells everyone that he is alive, Grace is elated. Strand wants to apologize to Morgan and he says, not now they will deal with what he did later. He already cost them to much time and he hands the axe back to Strand and motion for them to go.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Outside of the control room, Morgan has a ton of key cards he is using to try to get inside. Strand tries to spin it like if he didn’t leave him there they wouldn’t have all these keycards to try to get inside. Morgan tells him to stop it. In typical TV fashion, the last keycard is the one that gets them inside. This turns out to be a few seconds to late as the keys have been turned by Teddy and Riley, Teddy runs over and pulls the trigger and it launched a missile. Strand and Morgan have the duo in a bad spot, but Riley wants to launch more but Teddy tells him it’s enough to get started. Riley tells them that the missile has 10 warheads on it and it will be easy for them to find out where they land. Morgan tells Strand to let Riley go, and Riley and Teddy leave. Morgan then tells Victor to leave as well, He leaves the axe and departs, Morgan sees the key and dies a little inside.