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We open to everyone arriving at the Claw. They are coming up with a plan to stop the algleaka from killing them. Their time is almost up. They agree to meet back at the Claw in two hours.

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George takes a few minutes with her sisters. Jessie made toast for breakfast and they all share. Back at the Claw, they have no sand for stopping the agleaka. They are at each other’s throats. Nancy storms out after they blame her for the problem they are currently in.

Ryan and Carson are following Nancy around. Both are worried for her. They seem to be bonding over it. Nancy is at the Historical Society looking for agleaka sand. It’s a good thing they were. In Ryan’s car, he keeps a vacuum. In that vacuum is the sand they need! To keep them from devolving into more arguing, she leaves a voice message with sand. While they wait for the algleaka though, they all end up on the phone together.

They all go to where they saw their death. George and Nick are in Nick’s truck. Ace is outside the walking freezer at the Claw. Bess is in front of the fireplace. Nancy is standing on the cliff. They need to throw the sand on the agleaka to weak and hopefully kill the agleaka. They all hear music at the same time. The sailor shanty they researched. Then all hell breaks loose. Nick manages to throw his sand on the agleaka and she explodes into seawater. The spell seems to break on everyone. Not for long.

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This time they can see no way out. They all seem resigned to their fate. George doesn’t want to go home but she wants to see her sisters again. Bess doesn’t want to see anyone at home. George, Nancy, Ace, and Nick are her family. Nick passes files to Ryan hoping he will take down his father. Nancy goes to see her Dad. As they talk, he says something that inspires her to action. They are going to try to appeal to Odette instead of the agleaka.

The agleaka comes for them. They start reading the letters and at first, all it does is piss off the agleaka. She sends them all flying. Nancy keeps trying. Everyone chimes in.

Does the appeal work? Are they saved? Does Ryan decide to take his father down? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next week…

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