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“Oathbreaker” opened right where “Home” left off, with Jon waking up. He was, understandably, very shaken and confused. So were Davos and Melissandre. Jon was shaken not only because he did what he thought was best and it got him killed, but also because he experienced nothing after death. He came out into the courtyard with his brothers and some Wildlings looking on in disbelief. Kit Harington played these scenes very well–you could feel how uncomfortable Jon Snow felt to be alive again around these people.

As is the way in the Night’s Watch, the traitors who murdered Jon were sentenced to death–including Alliser and Olly. Once again, you could feel how much killing these four men pained Jon. Especially Olly, who was supposed to be his protege. Now that Jon has seen the oblivion of death, he can’t bear to stay on the wall any longer. And killing these four men–who already betrayed him–was the last straw. His watch is ended.

We can assume that Davos, Melissandre, Ghost, and some Wildlings will be joining him. Hopefully Sansa, Brienne, and Podrick will find him too and they can take back Winterfell.

We also got a glimpse of Sam and Gilly on the way to Old Towne. If Sam finds out what happened to Jon, do you think it will change his plans?


“Oathbreaker” was a real treat because we witnessed (through Bran’s latest vision) the legendary battle between Ned Stark and Ser Arthur Dayne at the Tower of Joy in Dorne. Bran grew up hearing the story of how his father defeated The Sword of the Morning at the end of Robert’s Rebellion, but as we see, the story he was told was not the whole truth. Ned is there to rescue his sister Lyanna from the Tower after Rhaegar Targaryen “abducted” her (although there are many fans who don’t believe this version of events). Ned and his men (including Meera’s father, Howland Reed) are forced to fight through Arthur and another member of the Mad King’s Kingsguard. Arthur is a better swordsman than all of them and cuts down everyone until it is just Ned left.

Bran watches his father fighting and realizes that he’s totally not on Arthur’s level. Just as he’s wondering how Ned could possibly win, he sees Howland Reed stab Arthur in the back, which is totally not cool when it comes to Westerosi battle etiquette. Ned finishes him off and Bran’s ideal vision of his father’s victory is shattered. That’s right—turns out the Honorable Ned Stark was a little bit shady. We hear screaming come from the Tower—presumably Lyanna—and Bran attempts to follow Ned. The Three-Eyed Raven tries to stop him but Bran is determined to see for himself what is in the Tower. He calls after his father and it seems as if Ned hears him. He stops in his tracks and turns around to look but he can’t see Bran. When Bran tries to run after him, the Three-Eyed Raven forces him out of the vision and back to reality in the tree roots.

Bran is pretty pissed (and so am I because, c’mon dude, that was LYANNA AT THE TOWER OF JOY) but the Three-Eyed Raven isn’t having any of Bran’s whining. He tells him again not to linger too long in his visions and that he needs to continue his training before he can leave the cave. When Bran asks what he needs to learn, the Three-Eyed Raven replies, “everything,” because that’s not at all vague or overwhelming for an angsty teenage boy. The Three-Eyed Raven might know his stuff, but he’s not the greatest or most patient teacher.


Qyburn, the man who resurrected The Mountain, discovers that Varys’s “little birds” are children, and on Cersei’s orders, spreads them through the lands and asks that they provide information and keep a watch on the citizens of the Seven Kingdoms. She, Jaime, and The Mountain then interrupt a high council meeting. The council tells her that they have no business being there. Jaime states that as Lord Commander of the kingsguard he does, and they see themselves. Rather than be bullied into submission, the high council members dismiss and leave the room. Meanwhile, King Tommen visits the High Dick Canoe and demands his mother be allowed to see princess Myrcella’s final resting place. Instead he provides “wisdom” to the Boy King, again leaving Tommen without what he originally wanted. What a douche.


Across the Narrow Sea, in the politically tense city of Meereen, Varys invites a prostitute Vala to the throne room. You all know the iconic Vala – she slept with the Unsullied White Rat last season just before his death. Iconic! Varys is as polite as ever, and reveals that he is aware Vala is working with the Sons of the Harpy and is concerned for her son. She accuses him of threatening her, but he says that he likes getting the truth; and the best way to get the truth is to make people happy. He offers her and her son Dom exile to Pentos, so they can flee the wrath of both the Meereenese government and the Sons of the Harpy.

In the small council room, Tyrion is trying to make small talk with Grey Worm and Missandei. Even though Missandei knows 19 languages, neither of them seem familiar with the concept of small talk, with Grey Worm instead making a patrol report. Tyrion decides to play a game, to which Missandei mistakes for the “games” the girl slaves used to play with her master, the late Kraznys mo Nakloz – so Tyrion clarifies: innocent drinking games! Oh, they don’t drink, either.

Varys arrives late, and tells them that he learned who are behind the Sons of the Harpy: the cities of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis. Oh, good – they don’t need to worry about the local rebellion, just the three rich rival cities funding it. Wary of starting a war, Varys decides to send his “little birds” to the cities.

Men can be fickle, but birds he always trusts.


Dany is now (an unwilling) member of Dosh Khaleen, and will soon go on “trial” for going on with her life after Khal Drogo dies. None of the Dothraki seem to care who she is–it doesn’t matter how many times she forcefully says her name–so things aren’t looking to great for her right now. Let’s hope Jorah and Daario will come get her soon. Or Drogon. Where is he??


Finally back in The House of Black and White, we get to see Arya in the midst of a Daredevil-esque, badass, training montage. She trains with The Waif using Quarter Staffs, is asked about her identity and past, and plays the Game Of Lies. For those that don’t know or remember, this game consists of one person telling a string of truths mixed with lies. If the other detects a lie, the liar gets hit with a switch. As Arya’s training improves, Jaqen H’ghar pulls her aside. He brings her to the chamber with the healing fountain and tells her he will restore her eyesight if he speaks her name. She responds with “A girl has no name.” He hands her a cup full of the water and she takes a sip. In doing so, her sight is renewed. Jaqen asks again who she is, and she once more responds with “no one.”

Back on the Ramsay front, he is slowly acquiring and army of dickheads (looking at you Karstark and Umber), and to “pledge his loyalty”, Lord Umber has delivered Rickon and Osha to Ramsay! Along with a beheaded Shaggydog! I’m about to cry just typing this. JON GET TO WINTERFELL QUICK.

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