The backbone of “The X-Files” mythology has been an uncanny ability to weave the mystical, spiritual and scientific into cohesive stories that captivate. “Babylon” is a break from the alien canon the show has provided us…but gives a layer of the unknown that makes we as viewers think “hmmmm.”

Opening with an all too common theme of a suicide bombing (Breakaway rant to writers’ rooms: please show a more varied lifestyle for Middle Eastern people. Not all are terrorists. Show a different narrative. End rant.), we see two young men commit that heinous crime and one survive. Cut to Scully and Mulder having a friendly disagreement in their basement office. Cue baby Scully and Mulder (guest stars Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Ammell).

It’s eerie how much baby Mulder mirrors Mulder of yesteryear. Baby Scully was more acerbic and tart-tongued than OG Scully, but the red hair and power suit harkened to her overall aesthetic. They bring the suicide bombing to Scully and Mulder’s attention and advise them that one of the boys survived and is in a coma in critical condition. Baby Mulder feels that there is a way to communicate with the young man (unconscious magical communication anyone?). In a reverse, the partners partner with their opposite’s baby doppelganger.

Each head to Texas where OG Scully and baby Mulder use a scientific approach toward communication and OG Mulder and baby Scully use…magic mushrooms. The ensuing scene of a high as a kite Mulder line-dancing will go down in “The X-Files” lore.

The episode was a break from mythology again and once more spoke to current events but it felt connective on a spiritual plane. Mulder hearing what an unconscious young man was saying and preventing additional carnage was mystical and unexplained. And the best part of this entire episode: hand holding between Scully and Mulder.

What can I say? I have always been and will always be a shipper of these two. Emphatically, spiritually, emotionally and wholly. Fivever and amen.