Photo Source: “Claws,” Courtesy of TNT

Inasmuch that “Claws” is about the bonds of friendship and figuratively clawing one’s way to a better circumstance, it’s also a fun ride with hijinks and bonkers adventures. When Virginia shot Roller and Desna helped cover up his death, we all knew the repercussions would fall heavily and swiftly, courtesy of Uncle Daddy. What we didn’t know was just desserts would come knocking in the form of ugly blasts from Desna and her brother’s past.

Photo Source: “Claws,” Courtesy of TNT

We saw a glimpse of the harsh upbringing Desna and Dean had when Dean’s high functioning autism came to the forefront when he glimpsed a picture-a picture of their former foster parents, the Coombs. Cruel, foul and pretty much evil incarnate, the Coombs terrorized Desna and Dean. Making them eat cat food, relieve themselves outdoors and not attending to either child as parents should, Desna tells her crew, “They treated us worse than animals.”

With that in mind, Desna comes up with a brilliant plan: frame her former foster parents for Roller’s murder. Virginia-ever the blabbermouth-ran her mouth to Uncle Daddy, stating Roller had a fight with his dealers. Seeing a way out from under Uncle Daddy’s gaze and suspicions, Desna took it and ran.

Photo Source: “Claws,” Courtesy of TNT

Taking Virginia’s suggestion to use Polly’s particular skill set, the trio set up a break in at the Coombs’s home. Instead of a smash and grab, Polly (who is a guard dog whisperer apparently) completes a break and drop. Hiding Roller’s shirt and $50k in dope money in the air vent, Desna does the rest by dropping an anonymous tip to the police. Police that are on Uncle Daddy’s payroll. One call, one visit and BAM!, Roller’s death is avenged by his brother Bryce. Recovering addict and sensitive soul Bryce.

Oh and that death Bryce thought he avenged? His baby brother Roller burned to a crisp in the swamps? Ummm, he ain’t dead. “Claws” gave us a “Misery” plus “Deliverance” type ending with a very much alive Roller chained up by a very oddball woman.

The plot thickens.

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