Source: Vulture

Alice is playing her own cat and mouse game with Christopher in “The Benefactor” and the stakes couldn’t be higher. With the knowledge that she has the bracelet, Christopher tries to guilt Alice into giving the diamond encrusted beauty back. Laying it own about the crime syndicates and his own outstanding debt to his team’s benefactor, Alice deflects, deflects, DEFLECTS.

On the con’s side of the neighborhood, the mysterious benefactor is revealed as Margo’s brother Reece. Her own brother sent the Beautiful Assassin™ to murder them because they missed a payment. To add further insult, Beautiful Assassin™ Felicity is also doing the do with Reece (as we see from a strategically placed blurb when he hops out of bed). The entire dynamic between the four of them is weird and gross and ridiculously fun.

The team’s case of the week is discovering the person behind the harassment of the first woman Army Ranger (guest star Samira Wiley). She has the backing of the Army and numerous fellow soldiers but someone close to her is sending death threats. Although Nia hired the P.I. firm, she doesn’t want to relinquish control and tails Danny when he’s on the trail for whomever is harassing her. Listening to a soldier who washed out of the Ranger program talk mucho sugar-honey-iced-tea, he lands a mean cross punch and knocks the guy out. Nice Danny, nice.

In another Westside part of L.A., Alice is held up by the Shive syndicate and they steal the bracelet from her. Christopher holds her back from chasing them down but Alice insists that she help track them down…with the assistance of Agent Dao. The same Dao who was still looking at Valerie like she’s a delicious and delightful pork chop. Christopher and Reece manage to get their grimy paws on the intel where Shive was staying. Dressed up like cops, they pull Mickey Shive over, get the information on how his boss has it and Reece pops a cap in his back. Bing, bang, boom: Mickey Shive is no more.

While continuing to investigate Nia’s harassment complaint, Alice and Danny pay a visit to her formerly ransacked home and find her captain putting evidence into his car trunk. Danny-taking on an ahem more intimate role-gets the info from Sophia that her friend Captain Todd was reviewed by her C.O. The key turns the lock and out tumbles Nia’s brother Brian…who setup the entire harassment. Family man, family.

The cat and mouse is complete with Alice playing the bait and switch with the bracelet. Dao knows something is up but with his special unicorn Val giving up the cookie, I don’t think he really cares.

And we all knew Beautiful Assassin™ Felicity wasn’t going to stay out of Reece’s crosshairs. RIP girl, RIP.