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The Carmichael Show - Season 3
Chris Haston / NBC

The Carmichael Show has never been one to shy away from controversial topics; they tackle sexual assault, patriotism, the US general election, #BlackLivesMatter, and more, with a variety of topics still to come.

This week, the Carmichael’s argued about Euthanasia – a form of assisted suicide that’s legal in many parts of the world but still causes many debates in the States.

This all comes about when Joe and the boys take a trip to see his mom. She is suffering from Alzheimers and Joe is here to check on her, make sure she has everything she needs, as a good son would. She breaks the news of her diagnosis to them, forgetting they already know, and follows it up with a new and shocking piece of information, she wants to end her own life and go out on her own terms.

Joe is vehemently against this idea, he can’t bear to see his mother give up the fight. She’s the toughest woman he’s ever known, she was always taking the punches for him when his father had a bad day, she stuck around and protected Joe through it all, which is why it’s so hard for him to see illness take her down.

The Carmichael Show - Season 3
Chris Haston / NBC

Jerod is the one who immediately supports the decision, he can take more of an outsiders’ perspective in this and see that this woman whose lived an incredible life wants to leave before she loses her mind too much, before she starts losing her sense of self, her memories, what makes her her.

After much back and forth, Joe sees Jerod’s side and Jerod understands how hard this would be for him if this was his mom, the men come around to her decision and gather with her in her room to help her accomplish her wishes and to say goodbye.

David Allen Grier did fantastic work in this episode, the heartfelt moments were deep and touching, the hurt was so clear on his face that you immediately knew exactly what he was feeling and felt it alongside him. I was crying into my giant stuffed owl by the end of it.

This episode was a beautiful experience that I truly thing everyone should watch, watching this strong woman make the decision to take her life into her own hands was inspiring, and the way the men rallied around her to honour her wishes and support her in the end was incredibly touching.

If Loretta Divine had been in the episode, it would’ve been 104% perfect, but we probably don’t deserve that much goodness.

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