While Kimmy is the eponymous star of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, this is truly an ensemble comedy, and the show’s writers do a masterful job of telling stories that involve all the players. Perhaps my favorite supporting character is Lillian, Titus and Kimmy’s landlord, who is intent on fighting gentrification in her neighborhood. In this episode, her quest to keep hipsters out brings her head to head with Titus, who aims to make money by renting out the apartment on an airbnb knock-off. When a sweet couple from Texas turns out to be a couple of hipsters from Austin looking to open a shoe store in an ailing Soul Food restaurant, Titus is forced to step in. He’s seen the error of his ways after his favorite local store has itself been sacrificed to gentrification, and he helps Lillian by lying to the couple – telling them that another group of entrepreneurs has already beat them to it, opening a pop-up shoe store in a grocery store.

Elsewhere, Jacqueline seems to be taking advantage of Kimmy’s kindness and it’s gone too far. After Kimmy loses her job at the Christmas store because she’s helping Jacqueline (without pay!) it all comes to a head and Kimmy lays down the law – she’ll help Jacqueline as an employee. Jacqueline agrees, needing Kimmy to take her to the dentist after losing a tooth. But she is unable to get into the dentist using lies and grovelling alone. It’s not until she is kind to her dentist’s receptionist that she actually gets somewhere – I guess Kimmy is onto something with that whole nice thing!

In the end, Kimmy and Jacqueline make a pact, Kimmy will help Jacqueline and in return Jacqueline will let Kimmy use the car when she doesn’t need it. Because Kimmy’s becoming an Uber driver y’all!!!

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