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Guys. Anezka is a mess.

But I guess I would be too if I was abandoned as a child and suffered from seizures and was a pick pocket in Czech Republic.
The nice thing is, Petra still took her ugly twin in because her postpartum meds are helping her stay calm.
(Side note: who else is so happy that Petra is taking her postpartum meds?! I was so scared she was actually going to leave her kids!) everyone adapted to Anezka being around pretty well…it seemed like it would be a smooth transition…until she slapped the woman whom Rafael and Petra were trying to buy a hotel from! That, of course, made the lady mad so she upped the price and Rafael had to end up using his dirty under trading money. This development is not looking good for my sweet baby Raf.

Jane and Xiomara were still at odds, which is so sad because they are such a core part of this show! This went on basically the whole episode while Rogelio desperately tried to get them to make up, on top of finding a use for his Villanueva house set! What a busy guy. In the end, he got the best writer from Passions of Santos to come in, make a plot for the house that also seemed to mirror Jane and Xo’s problems! Jane and Xo tearfully made up and all was right with the world! Jk. Rogelio and the writer started making out outside the soundstage! How will Xiomara react to this??

Finally, Jane was in an all out battle with her advisor. She rightfully told her off for being so harsh on her and her story. But when Jane found out she needed her recommendation for the second year in the program, she had to back peddle AND make sure she got in the final draft of her book by the deadline. Good thing Jane is SUPERWOMAN. #Goals

Side notes:

  1. The daddy debacle was sort of anticlimactic. I don’t really like how JTV features funny bits in previews that tell us nothing about the upcoming episodes!
  2. Who do you think is following Michael??