As always spoilers ahead and I would recommend watching the episode but if you can’t I got you. So sit back, relax and read what I remember about last week’s episode of Lucifer. 

Like many episodes in the past have opened up, Lucifer is about to have sexual relations with a stranger. Unfortunately for him they are interrupted by his wings. Hilarity ensues when she believes he is into cosplay and she even offers to dress up as the devil. Lucifer is mortified at the idea of having sex with himself and promptly kicks her out.


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Back at the police station Lucifer is still on the Sinnerman hunt. The Sinnerman like the devil is known to give out favors to be repayed later. Lucifer takes that as a taunt. Decker insists to Lucifer that he is just a myth and for him to stop bringing him up because he sounds crazy. Decker has even got somebody in custody for the murder of the guy from last week, and he isn’t the Sinnerman. Lucifer is convinced he is a cover.

Now to the “case of the week.” JD Woodstock was a struggling comedian who claimed that successful comedian Bobby Lowe stole his jokes. He was tortured and murdered. Days earlier on YouTube he announced he would release his proof, but he was murdered before he could.

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Out in the distance we can see Lieutenant Pierce spying on Lucifer at the crime scene.

At the police station, Pierce is pressing into to Dan for information on Lucy. Apparently Dan had conducted an investigation when Lucy first started working with Decker.

Back to the investigation. Yeah so Bobby Lowe is a huge dick. Like a really big dick but he does invite Lucy, Decker and Ella to watch a live taping of his show. His show is like a really terrible version of Sesame Street.

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Like any sane person Lucifer can’t stand watching the show and calls Bobby Lowe out in front of the audience for stealing jokes. Lucifer eventually makes it up on a stage and starts playing with the puppets.

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For some idiotic reason Bobby Lowe had a gun stored in a puppet like some kind of drug mule. Lucifer accidentally shots him. Anyways Bobby is fine, still a dick but fine.

While EMTs deal with Lowe, Lucy uses his devil powers to get Lowe to admit that he hates his show, wants out and did in fact steal the act. Hearing that mortifies the opener for his show, Sheila. Turns out Lowe wanted JD to out him so he could get fired and still collect a paycheck. He was also getting death threats via email which explains the gun.

Cut to more wing disposal.  The wings are the test.

Bobby Lowe’s threats stopped when JD accused Bobby. Decker believes who ever is making the threats is the murderer. Apparently the original idea for Bobby Lowe’s show was about a guy with a micro-penis. Definitely something worth stealing.

Pierce confronts Lucifer in his penthouse and proclaims “Lucifer I know what you are.” Turns out he was just thinking an idiot and not the devil. Pierce is there to warn Lucifer to stay away from the Sinnerman. The Sinnerman is very real and very dangerous. Pierce dealt with him in Chicago, where the Sinnerman killed someone very close to him. The Sinnerman is why Pierce relocated to LA.

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More wing disposal. Lucifer is Amenadiel’s test.

Those email threats from earlier were traced to a comedy club. Decker, Lucy and Dan hit the club with the ingenious plan of putting Dan up on stage for an open mic. Dan is an improv guy not a comedian. The plan is to flush out the guy by telling micro-penis jokes. Dan isn’t very funny. Lucifer starts to heckle him and even throws a few tomatoes.

Afterwards some guy thanks Lucifer for sticking up for people with micro penises. He is now the suspect. He confesses to threatening Bobby but says he forgave him after. He talks about how great being an opener is and leads them to Sheila.

At the set of the Bobby Lowe show, Sheila attacked Bobby and ran off. Lucky for Bobby Decker and Lucy are there to save the day. She killed to keep her cushy job, if Bobby was outed she wouldn’t have a job anymore. But Lucy found her and punched her out.

Back at the police station, a new team is born. Lucifer and Pierce are going to take down the Sinnerman.  Pierce even lets him interrogate the guy they have in custody. Even with devil powers he claims he did it and knows nothing of the Sinnerman.

To get back at the Sinnerman, Lucifer decides its time to get back to giving out favors.


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Oh yeah, the wings are back again.

Some of my thoughts:

  • The Sinnerman is the new devil, maybe
  • I don’t think Amenadiel is actually being tested
  • Pierce is up to something but it isn’t malicious

See you next week!

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