As much as we viewers presently love our tech, our social media, our sophisticated television watching habits…there is something to be said about a good, old-fashioned monster whodunit. “The X-Files” in its past life always brought a touch of nostalgia with the mystery of the unknown. A feeling and flair much like “The Twilight Zone” provided in the 60s, “The X-Files” provided in the 90s.

Tonight’s episode had such a great split of the normal Scully/Mulder relationship. Mulder is the serious, unbeliever in the supernatural while Scully is slightly more open to the idea. When they’re given an x-file about a lizard/human hybrid (lizman? manzard?), the facts of the case are oddball from the get-go. What ensues is the testing of Mulder’s belief system and a fabulous guest turn by lizman/manzard Guy Mann (Rhys Darby). In a “this suspends everything we know,” the classic werewolf trope is turned on its ear. Guy is a happy-go-lucky lizard, bitten by a MAN (Kumail Nanjiani) and subsequently turned into a man. As he describes his transformation to Mulder, we witness some of the tightest, wittiest tet-a-tet between two characters. Guy’s story is hilariously sad: an indictment on the human rat race and condition done in an LOL society.

The episode is a standalone in “The X-Files” pantheon but it works beautifully. Mulder’s faith in the supernatural was restored and we were treated to the pragmatic support of Scully (key to balancing Mulder). The revival is alive. The revival is awakened.