Without the backstory you have no idea who all these, spoiler alert, now dead new faces are. Strand, Daniel Salazar, and the band of boring were trying to escape the boat of presumed pirates that are after them. On the way they see a light from a light house, not once, but twice! That can only mean one thing! You better stop whatever you are doing and just blindly go towards that light in the middle of the night with no game plan or proper weapons! They are lucky they didn’t get blown up when they knocked on the front door. To no surprise, Strand, Daniel Salazar, and Daniel’s daughter stayed on the boat. Strand and Daniel seem to be the only two with any sense about them, that and I don’t think Daniel trusts Strand.

So the rest of group ends up meeting a survivalist family, sort of borderline crazy cult like or maybe religious, you don’t get enough time to really pinpoint it. Travis and the father talk, and bond and nearly become best friends, as the father gave Daniel a book to read and a beer. From that point on Travis was all on board. They did get a chance to learn some important information at least, they learned from the family that a number of outposts are off the grid, and presumed over run. Most of the lower western states are in danger, but before you ask, know we don’t know how Atlanta was doing at that time.

We find out that the mother has some sort of condition and won’t last long, she doesn’t believe that the young children should have to stay there, but at first we are not quite sure why. We can tell that they are fairly self sufficient, they have an island, have been building up a fence along the coast, because they do know that the walkers are able to survive in water and get to the shores. They have an older son who seems to be pretty with what is going on, he goes out and does chores, he goes to the fence and pikes the walkers so they don’t build up on the fence. We don’t see it but I would say he helps his dad continue to build the fence and perhaps farming. He has a large gun which would have been very useful going forward.

The two kids are very young, they play with toys and color, and seem to be pretty cool little ones. The youngest boy seems to bond really well with Nick, during some of their talks he makes mention that he could take his POWER PILL! He flexes his muscles and acts all strong, Nick is not quite sure that that is but doesn’t think it is a good thing

Nick, like Scooby Doo on the case looking for the criminal to get scooby snacks, thinks something is off. He decides to do some investigating to find these power pills. He looks around the house, he looks in the grown ups room, he gets distracted and almost caught, he eventually finds the pills inside of a globe.

Is this a metaphor that the world is now poisoned to it’s core? Was this just a freak coincidence as they could not find any other place to hide it? Am I smarter than the writers thinking it’s a metaphor? Who knows an argument could be made for either side. Photo Credit: Fear The Walking Dead/AMC

Is this a metaphor that the world is now poisoned to it’s core? Was this just a freak coincidence as they could not find any other place to hide it? Am I smarter than the writers thinking it’s a metaphor? Who knows an argument could be made for either side.

Nick, being the pharmacy expert, knows that those pills are not normal pills and thinks they are used for another purpose. The group after thinking about it and doing some talking with the family realizes that they have an opt out option if they are over run to all take pills to die. This just ramps up the mothers desire to get the kids away from that.

A smaller side bar, psycho in the making Chris, actually had a turning point, he became useful and got an idea of what life is like now as he helped the oldest boy pike walkers that were built up on the fence. The ironic thing was, his dad Travis, was so very upset about the fact he was helping kill walkers, it seems in this instance that the son has passed the father in readiness for this world.

The majority of the group decides that they have to save the children, obviously not Strand, he has his head on straight. His response, “Put him back where you found him, children are the definition of dead weight.” The rest of the team kept insisting he stay, because they are still pretty dense to life, the older brother comes and demands that his brother stay with him, they have prepared their whole life for this. After a stand off they let the boy go with his brother, when they get off the boat they see the mother walker coming down the pier towards them. They have the young boy wave goodbye to the boat, as the older brother shoots his walker mother in the head ending her existence. The boat ventures off into the distance, and we are left wondering what happens to the two brothers, is the father and daughter walker dead, or are they still alive?

As the boat gets farther away, it moves away from more interesting characters. That is a huge early problem for this show, some of the people that they are in contact with are far smarter, and more interesting then 80% of our core characters. Like Tobias from season one, I am left wondering what happens to the older brother, he would be a very good addition to the team. This team doesn’t have any real direction, and no real bad ass character(like say Daryl) to rally behind. Hopefully with next episode, and the survivor of the plane, can be like that character, she was very like able and seemed to know what was going on from the flight videos. One could hope, because this episode I ended up rooting for the walker young girl zombie over any of the living characters, and that is not what I am supposed to do as a viewer. All I know, is with Game of Thrones gearing up again, this show needs to start bringing it if those two start going head to head in your market.