“Therefore She Is” was mostly about the DeVoes and their Enlightenment plan for not just Central City but for the entire world, but don’t worry Team Flash also had their fair share of problems to deal with too.

The Flash took a page out of Arrow’s book and introduced flashbacks chronicling how the DeVoes met, fell in love and the scientific madness that consumes them both. There wasn’t much shared that we didn’t already know of the two, but there were two things brand new. One is that Clifford has always had a strong desire to be the smartest person in existence long before he ever got his meta-powers. Marlize on the other hand, is the empathic of the two and values humanity until a certain point in “Therefore She Is” where she realized how evil humanity could eventually become.

The Flash — "Therefore She Is"

Photo Source: CW

Back in real time, the DeVoes are going around Central City stealing components for their Enlightenment — which turns out to not be one large weapon, but instead multiple satellites that uses dark matter to reduce the intelligence to nothing for every human on earth. This leads to Barry to ask for Gypsy’s help so she and Cisco can double-vibe, dodging DeVoe’s mental attack and finally get the jump on him as he works on his Enlightenment. However, unknown for Barry and the rest of the team, Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship is on the rocks due to Breacher requesting/demanding that Cisco take’s over his job and also the fact that they rarely see each other due to being on two separate worlds.

Elsewhere, Caitlin is still trying to find a way to bring back her Killer Frost persona with stressful situations and Harry is struggling to keep his intelligence after being overloaded with dark matter weeks ago. Thankfully due to Cecil mind reading powers, he’s able to express his thoughts perfectly for a while to the team.

This then all leads me back to the DeVoe’s. Marlize beings to realize that the man she loved isn’t the man she’s with anymore as he becomes emotionally abusive to her. She also has to constantly remind Clifford not to kill as he gets wrapped up and consumed with his new powers throughout the episode. Eventually she has enough and opts to leave, reminding Clifford that he is nothing without her. Is this the end of the DeVoes with Marlize joining Team Flash, or is this another thing that Clifford foresaw? Time will tell.

“Therefore She Is” really shined bright when it focused on anyone but Iris and Barry. Barry was just flat out annoying in this episode after coming so far in the previous episode and grieving Ralph’s death. Here he was forcing both Cisco and Gypsy to make up within minutes and then move on to finding DeVoe; that’s not how relationships work Barry. Iris on the other had wasn’t annoying and constantly reminded Barry to chill and slow down, but sadly that’s all she ever did in the episode. Everyone else thankfully had time to shine and move forward in their character progression, even the mysterious girl that tends to pop up here and there this season. We actually — well, kinda sorta — figured out who the mystery girl is that keeps popping up is! Turns out she’s a speedster! What her name is though, well that’s still a mystery though. Maybe next week?