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It’s been more than a year since Netflix dropped the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and in that time the series has become a social media sensation thanks to its catchy theme song and unapologetic (sometimes controversial) jokes. The season 1 finale saw Kimmy’s captor convicted, but it also left us with so many cliffhangers – Dong’s green-card marriage, Jacqueline’s return to North Dakota in a stolen police cruiser and the arrival of Titus’ wife(?!). Thankfully, the show is back and the very first episodes aims to tidy up some of those loose ends.

Kimmy Goes Roller Skating starts with a Christmas flash-forward (to be re-visited later, I’m sure), but immediately rewinds to the aftermath of the Reverend Wayne Gary Wayne trial, where Kimmy has joined the dating world despite pining for her now-married ex-boyfriend Dong. When Lillian sees that Kimmy is down, she encourages her to get out on the dating scene and sets up a wild night … of roller skating. During a chance meeting with Dong at the supermarket, Kimmy invites him to join them, and he agrees. Also joining Kimmy and Lillian is Lillian’s former boyfriend, Bobby Durst (yes, that Durst – the serial murderer).

At the roller skating rink Kimmy contemplates pursuing Dong romantically, despite his marriage, but has a change of heart. She can’t break up his marriage. Later however, she again changes her mind, and seeks Dong out at the apartment he shares with Sonja. The two share a brief kiss, but this time it is Dong who backs out – his sham-marriage must run its course, but he’d like to get back together with Kimmy – in two years. Poor Kimmy!

Elsewhere Titus is reunited with the wife that he left on his wedding day over a decade ago, Vonda. It seems that when he was living in Mississippi he was a closeted teen named Ronald Wilkerson with no prospects. He opted to marry his best friend, Vonda, but realized during their reception that he couldn’t live his life this way, and so he ran away just before their first dance, re-inventing himself as Titus Andromedon. In the intervening years, Vonda had the court declare Ronald Wilkerson legally dead so that she could collect social security, but she never recovered from the betrayal. Now that she’s found him, living his new life with Kimmy, she wants retribution. Thankfully, it is Kimmy who convinces Titus that he must apologize and make amends with Vonda before she returns to Mississippi. Titus, boom box in hand, finds Vonda at the train station, and apologizes, convincing her to dance the choreographed first dance that they never got to complete at their wedding as Kimmy looks on.

Finally, Jacqueline spends most of the episode back on the Reservation with her family, where she is out of place after being away in Manhattan for so long. Seeing that she doesn’t seem to belong there, her family encourages her to return to her life in the city, and after some soul searching, Jacqueline seems determined to return to her life as a socialite.

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