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There’s been a lack of trust between Alice and her associates at her investigation firm and that was clear and present in this episode. The opening sequence reminded the viewers that Alice is completely offbook in her own personal investigation against Christopher. Working with Agent Dao, they concoct a solid plan of attack to bring Christopher down. It involves total trust on their part-something Dao seems to have in Alice but she lacks regarding him (residual Christopher feelings aside).

The firm’s case of the week was for a missing military contractor and her intellectual property, Gwen. ThroughSight (ThruSight?) was an amazing piece of technology that could be used in search missions after natural (or man-made) disasters. Able to see body heat signatures through concrete, sheetrock and soil, the tech could also be modified for more nefarious purposes (i.e. terrorism). As the firm kicks into gear to find Gwen and the tech, Alice must balance her side gig with Dao in locating Christopher.

And locate him she does-as “business advisor” to Princess Zara. The princess decided (Christopher’s behest) to invest in a charitable non-profit…before her brothers discovered what she was up to. Imagine the most stunned face a person can physically make and that was Christopher when Alice waltzed in. Following a painfully awkward business meeting-that concluded with Zara signing on the dotted line with Alice’s faux charity-the chase for proof of Christopher’s wrongdoing began in earnest.

On the hunt for Gwen and the missing tech still, the team manages to triangulate her position and find a body, with her tattoo, on a hiking trail, decomposing. RIP Gwen, right? Wrong. Pinging her missing laptop signal, Sophie, Daniel and Yale Muscles Security Team Member find the laptop and are LITERALLY run into by Gwen. Yes, that Gwen. She uses a truck as a battering ram and tried to get her intellectual property back. Once the team advises her they don’t want such a dangerous product falling into the wrong hands, they plan a way to flush out the big bad behind the stolen ThroughSight product. Imagine Gwen’s horror when they discover it was her BFF all along. Having the feds swoop in and arrest the BFF, the P.I. team sets Gwen up with a new identity and she rides off into the sunset, tech safely in her hands.

As the episode closes, Alice accepts a meeting with Christopher in the park. She texts Agent Dao and is wired up to get Christopher’s confession. As he drones on and on (and on and on), we see Alice softening toward him. Her body language becomes less hostile, her tense face relaxes and her eyes lose some of their intensity. Then it happens: Christopher gives the bogus line about a con that fell in love and Alice is a goner. She gestures for him to stop talking because she’s wearing a wire and we all know the jig is up.

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